The Nativity Scene has been the focus of many debates and legal battles. What is it about this hay filled trough and a little baby boy named Jesus that stirs the continents and upsets stoics? The representation of the son of God being born to a  virgin seems to deaden the neurons of mystics and foster more curiosity and/or criticism.

I am certain Saint Francis of Assis never imagined in 1223 that this idea would create such unrest! It was his idea to bring people back to remembering what Christmas was all about and even though we think it is a Black Fridays are a modern-day trend; he wanted to restore faith in the Christ of Christmas rather that gift-giving and materialism.

Today’s teaching will awaken you to why Jesus had to come to this earth and be born of a virgin and live as man. Some of you will fall in love with Him for the first time, others will have your fire and passion reignited to love Him even more.

This message is a series so tune in weekly to not miss any of “The Message of the Manger.”

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