I was watching President Trump during a recent press conference as he was answering questions about the impeachment trial that was going on. The members of the media were all asking the same tired questions they always ask:

Did you collude with Russia?
Did you pressure the president of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden?
Did you withhold the money as punishment until Ukraine investigated Joe Biden?

Exhaustive nonsense that has been asked and answered many times over.

I imagined myself as President Trump facing these reporters day after day. The frustration that he must feel is probably very difficult to deal with since the truth of all the absurd investigations and the impeachment itself should be apparent to even the casual observer. One side has made up lies and made up facts to support their bogus allegations against the president and the president has actual facts to repudiate the lies and destroy their witch hunt, but the media ignores the truth and instead tries repeatedly to prove the lie. 

It was here that I see the media’s big mistake, specifically the members of the media that cover the president.

All of these “reporters”, and I use that term loosely since it seems clear that many of them are no longer reporters in the traditional sense and are more akin to partisan fighters. They are trying to be the one person that catches the president in a lie. The one person that proves Trump did all the things his political opponents have accused him of, they want to be the one reporter that “gets” him. 

So blinded are they by this zeal to prove the lie and achieve a place in journalistic history⏤that they miss the greatest opportunity of actually achieving that goal⏤they ignore the truth and pursue the lie at their own professional peril.

These reporters, or the seeming majority of them are not seekers of the truth as a first objective as a real journalist would be, they are instead individuals seeking glory and fame, acceptance and validation of themselves personally in the world they have chosen to occupy. 

Anyone who desires to go in front of a camera or a microphone, myself included, is drawn to some kind of desire to create a bigger footprint, to have something to say and to matter⏤this is a basic truth.

What’s different about members of the media is that their chosen profession is not intended to be performing for others. It is to be informing for others. It is, or should be, separate from performing to draw attention to the self and focused on drawing attention to the subject upon which they are reporting. The modern cadre of reporters we see today are apparently confused by that distinction and have blurred the lines of the two distinctly different objectives. 

This blurring is what creates the grandstanding reporter, the person that is looking for a headline instead of a byline, the reporter that gets rude or causes controversy to draw attention to themselves as opposed to their subject matter or story and ignores truth in search of proving the lie which will provide them with the glory and place in their media community they ultimately seek. They are the reporter that asks the same question time and again, even after it has been asked by countless other reporters in countless other press conferences. It is their turn to try and be that one reporter that asks that question one more time, but this time the person they are asking might slip up, they might reveal the truth that proves the lie.  

When this blindness and confusion as to mission is combined with personal bias and hatred, as we see with the majority of the media against republicans, conservatives and President Trump, we see a wholesale display of lunacy in the quest to prove the lie at all costs to achieve their goal, but to do this they must ignore the truth before their own eyes because they don’t want to believe it.  

Like sheep all following the same false Sheppard (the lie) towards absurdity, embarrassment, and foolishness, when the real Sheppard (the truth) is standing on the hill calling to them, but they go the other direction, in opposition to their actual goal.  

In this case, the case of the confused, misguided members of the media and their reporting skills, or the lack thereof, and their pursuit of the lie to gain notoriety I go back to my earlier statement as I imagined myself in Trump’s shoes at that press conference. This is what I would have said:

“You have asked the same question 3 times; I have given you the same answer three times⏤it’s not going to change: I did not collude with Putin and Russia and I did not pressure the president of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden. The proof you are looking for is right in front of you⏤read the transcript! Listen to the words of the president of Ukraine. No pressure, no demands to investigate anyone, that is all a fabrication, a lie made up by my opponents. Just like the Russia hoax, the Mueller report, the thing you all thought would prove I was corrupt, showed I did nothing wrong at all. You spend so much time trying to prove the lie and become the next Woodward and Bernstein’s that you are missing the big story, the story of your lifetime that would give you journalistic immortality⏤you’re missing the truth!

If any of you would take five minutes to look at the other side, the truth side of these allegations against me and actually investigate the facts that are clear and easily available to you and write that story, history will reward you with being the greatest reporter of all time. Of course, you will probably be fired by your employers who are all mostly corrupt and only want to push the lie for political reasons, but by telling this story you can actually change history because at some point in the future this will come out, the truth will come out and those that choose to chase the lie because they want it to be true will be losers. It’s your choice.” 

After all, can’t we all see the truth before us? The facts are clear, and the media is the big mistake.

Image: AP