The Top Stories | ‘Operation Warp Speed’ Launched to Develop Coronavirus Vaccine, President Trump described the administration’s plan as “a massive scientific industrial and logistical endeavor unlike anything our country has seen since the Manhattan Project.” | TSA Preparing to Check Passenger Temperatures at Airports Amid Coronavirus Concerns, All part of a multifaceted effort to keep potentially sick people from boarding planes. | Trump Said He Could Kill Someone On 5th Ave. But How About 50,000 Across America? HuffPost media gone wild – “Trump’s failure to take early aggressive action, experts believe, has already caused tens of thousands of Americans to die from the coronavirus.” | Santa Ana PD: Robberies Increase By 50%, Suspects Using Face Covering Maska To Their Advantage | Biden struggles badly during “virtual roundtable” as gaffes continue to pile up, “We’re – we’re in the middle of a pandemic that has cost us more than 85,000 jobs as of today. Lives of millions of people. Millions of people. Millions of jobs.” | Sanders adviser warns ‘a significant portion’ of senator’s backers ‘unsupportive’ of Biden, Jeff Weaver warns that “a significant portion” of the Vermont senator’s supporters are “currently unsupportive” of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. | Justice Department, State Attorneys General Likely to Bring Antitrust Lawsuits Against Google, The Justice Department and a group of state attorneys general will file antitrust lawsuits against Alphabet Inc.’s Google—AG Barr says he wants to bring it to fruition by summer. | Trump Introduces ‘Super-Duper Missile’ at Unveiling of Space Force’s Flag, “We’re building right now incredible military equipment at a level that nobody’s ever seen before,” explains the President. 

Special Focus: READ Pandemic Policing – The Rise of National Socialism In America

Dr. Ron Martinelli, is a retired police detective, a forensic criminologist, political analyst and Host of Talking While Married. Dennis Santiago is an American Strategist, focusing on strategic warfare, asymmetric warfare, arms control and global stability. Ava Armstrong is a political commentator, radio personality, and author who writes about the everyday men and women with a focus on Patriotism.

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The ‘Real Racism’ Exposed in Georgia | Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old black man, is seen running down the street. He crosses in front of a truck with two white men holding guns and a struggle ensues. Three gunshots are fired, Arbery begins to run away and falls to the ground. Did racism play into the killing of Arbery? How has racism changed in America, and should we be focused more on the racism or the actual crime? A most interesting conversation with 3 amazing experts who each have something to help us bring light to the sad chapter and killing of Ahmaud Arbery. 

READ The ‘Real Racism’ Exposed in Georgia

Ilana Freedman is a veteran intelligence analyst, political commentator and host. Ron Edwards, Columnist, Talk Show Host – You’ll hear Ron’s voice on the network in a 90 sec feature called The Edwards Notebook. Lt Joseph Pangaro, retired police lieutenant, Director of School Security and host of Chasing Justice.

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