Let me share with you what the world without Donald J. Trump will be like – based entirely on the most revealing way to measure the cast of Trump’s giant shadow on world politics – by looking at the people and or entities that are happiest to see him removed from office.

Democrats and Leftists:

They are ecstatic at the prospect of a Harris administration (Joe Biden is only the useful idiot and will be easily discarded as the Trojan Horse for the Globalist to take over the USA). After all, had it not been for Trump, neither the American people nor the world would have realized how deep and immensely corrupt the US Swamp actually is.

The Democrats and their stooges did their worst to distract the Trump administration from fulfilling all their promises to the American people, with their repeated but failed attempts to undermine him with alleged collusion with the Russians, Ukrainians, and others.

The Fake Media:

The US Media is supposed to be the fourth arm defending “We the People.” Unfortunately – as their obscene Trump Derangement Syndrome triggered them – the American people have less ‘respect’ for them than politicians in general. For over four years, the media has proven itself to be the propaganda arm of the Democrat party, showing as much veracity as Pravda (Truth in Russian!) used to be for the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Trump is very kind, calling the media Fake News because they are actually the American people’s worst enemy since they never tell the truth.

Communist China:

Why should they not be happy? After all, Joe Biden, for years and repeatedly, has been telling the American people that China is NOT a threat to the USA. In contrast, Trump has shown how dangerous they are for the security of the USA militarily, politically, and economically. Only a fool or a stool of the Chinese Communist Party would ever declare the peaceful intentions of China.

Iran’s Terrorist Ayatollahs:

These Muslim fanatics are over the moon at the prospect of fools such as Harris/Biden taking over from Trump. Biden has promised the American people up front that he will go back to Obama’s Nuclear deal, thus allowing the Ayatollahs to get nuclear weapons. After all, he and Obama, in the most treasonous act, supplied the foremost enemies of America and her allies with $150,000,000,000 plus $2,000,000,000 in cash so that they can use them to finance terrorists all over the world.


They are the overrated self-proclaiming ‘elites’ who presume to know more about real-life than everyday American citizens. While they live in ivory towers protected by the latest security apparatus and armed guards, they are the obscene hypocrites who suggest defunding the police who protect un-armed Americans.

They look down and project upon the tens of millions of Trump-supporting voters their own real characteristics. They accuse Trump and his followers of racism, prejudice, homophobia, and bigotry, which are actually their own attributes.

BLM & Antifa:

These fascist thugs have become the Nazi Brown Shirts version of the Democrat party. They neither care for Black Lives nor for any form of Law & Order. Their mission is to terrorize Americans into submission to the Democrat agenda. Once again, these young fools who blame only White people know absolutely nothing regarding the worst, most inhumane, and the diabolical institution of the Black African Slave Trade, that was initiated refined, perpetrated, and implemented by Muslim Arabs and later aided and abetted by the Black converts to Islam. 140,000,000 Africans were plundered, slaughtered, and starved to death, so that 14,000,000 were sold to White slaves in the Americas.

Leftist Academics:

For over 60 years, leftist/ globalist teachers, professors, and academics have been slowly but relentlessly indoctrinating generation after generation of American children and youth while their parents were oblivious to this undercurrent of treasonous activity. The leftist/ socialist Teachers’ Unions have been wielding enormous and very insidious power for decades. They would not allow for or tolerate conservative-minded teachers or academics to join, thus monopolizing the leftist narrative of the education system in the USA.

Once again, Trump fully understood their agenda and has been attempting to change course. They, too, have a perfect reason to remove him from office.

CAIR & American Muslims:

During the last four years, I wrote numerous articles pointing out to Americans and the President that CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) should be declared a terrorist-supporting entity and made illegal to operate in the USA.

The reason for such a necessary decision is very clearly dictated by the Islamic scripture that Muslims must fully obey.

After all, CAIR’s members are all Allah’s Sharia-compliant (they follow Muhammad’s Quran and Sunna); hence they support the archenemy of the US Constitution because Sharia mandates that every Muslim must be the Eternal and Mortal enemy of every human being on Earth who is NOT a Muslim called Kuffar/ Infidels. Sharia also commands that no Muslim can ever be a loyal citizen among non-Muslims/Kuffar.

Based entirely on the Islamic scripture, not even the supreme court can overturn any US administration from declaring CAIR a dangerous and illegal organization yet, and it is beyond comprehension that not a single member in Congress, or of any of the Intelligence and Security services, has had the backbone to stand up and be counted.

There is absolutely no doubt that Trump knows very well how dangerous they are, but, as I have repeatedly pointed out, Trump alone cannot do all he needs to do without political and popular backing.


The so-called Palestinians are the only invented nation in human history because no one can trace such a state or its people in the last 6000 years of recorded history. All anyone needs for proof is to ask any ‘Palestinian’ to name a single king of theirs. Since they cannot do so, then their current leaders have been unhinging history and distorting the Bible’s narrative to create a mythological people, ‘Palestinian Arabs, ’ while eradicating the histories of the Jews and Christians of the Holy land.

The worst offenders in this criminal enterprise are the Western leaders in Europe and the USA, who knowingly support them with billions of dollars of aid – that fill the coffers of their corrupt leaders – and help them in their relentless attempt to destroy both Jews and Christians not only in the Holy Land but all over the Arab and Muslim lands.

They, too, are looking forward to Harris/Biden because Trump is their worst nightmare come true. He, after all, dumped their claims and narratives into the trash bin where they belong.


They are the luckiest beings in the world, born in the USA – to which country hundreds of millions of people would like to belong – yet they are the disgusting, misguided, and the under-informed product of leftist indoctrination over the last six decades. They have absolutely no understanding of the world outside the USA but are fully confident – based entirely on slogans reverberating in their own echo chamber- that they are all-knowing.

Although many of them have graduated from top-level universities, most millennials know almost nothing about the American Constitution, Slavery, or even the events of the last 100 years of history.

Tech Giants:

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc., are entities owned literally by persons who wield more power over the world than the most powerful leaders on Earth through the absolute control of their social networking mediums.

Most of the owners of these mediums tend to be so-called liberal and leftist/globalists who are more interested in the dollar than in the USA and the American people’s security. They can and do sensor anyone who has an opposite perspective to their agenda, even the USA president.

These un-elected persons are literally dictating to humanity what and how they should think. More than any other group, they helped to undermine Trump for the last four years and want him out since if he is re-elected for the next four years, he will most assuredly curtail their current unlimited powers.

United Nations:

The most unethical, immoral, unjust, and utterly corrupt world body on the planet, useful to be manipulated by the majority un-democratic, theocracies and dictatorships to bash Western democracies. Trump proved how biased and immoral they are and has treated them with the contempt they deserve. Because 85% of the UN members are totally undemocratic, it is no wonder that they, too, would feel much more secure without Trump.

World Health Organization:

World Health Organization became subservient to the Chinese Communist Party – thus misleading the whole world about the Wuhan Covid 19 virus’s origin and lethality. It was Trump who proved their treachery.

The vultures are already circling to tear at the USA’s fabric the instant Harris/Biden are elected.

Trump fully recognized that the best way to keep the USA from NOT getting into any war is two things:

1  Make the US military extremely powerful

2  When the President gives a red line or makes a promise, he must keep both fully. He is the first president whose administration did not get the USA into a new war because of the above doctrine of Peace through Strength.

From 2016 till the end of 2020, at least 50,000,000 firearms were sold in the USA, mostly to new owners who know that the defunded and reduced police forces all over the USA by Democrat-controlled states or cities cannot be depended on for their protection. Each one who bought a weapon is doing so to protect self, family, and or business. How is it conceivable that they would have voted for Harris/Biden, whose clear intention is to take away their legal weapons?

Based on all the above, one does not have to be a genius to conclude that, without Donald J. Trump at the helm of the USA for the next four years, it will be very much diminished and endangered, as well as all the free world.

I have little doubt that during the first two years of Harris/Biden, millions of Americans who had voted for Biden will regret it, while tragically, the damage would have been done.

Image: Reuters