In the short time since Joe Biden took office, a jaw-dropping amount of damage has been done to America and its citizens, and more damage is on the way. Our first and second amendments are under assault as never before. Illegals are pouring in over the border with zero vettings and the return of catch and release. Military personnel are being told to stand down as they are reviewed for “extremist” tendencies, such as white supremacy or Trump support. They are to be wiped clean of these people.

Bank of America viewed and reported to the FBI on their customers’ purchases and reservations near the date of January 6th. Thousands of records were viewed, analyzed, and 211 reported to the FBI for being in or around Washington DC in a specific time frame despite zero evidence of wrongdoing. Our rights are disappearing before our eyes. Kathy Lowthorp, Ava Armstrong, and Linda Martinelli talk about the issues as the Ladies of Liberty Speak Out. You’re gonna love this!

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