Much like with the success of their propaganda campaigns that Democrats ‘care’ about this group or that, they’ve managed to convince people that they care about ‘women’. They don’t. What they care about is abortion and votes⏤and not necessarily in that order. And since liberal women care about abortion too, it sticks⏤all the way to the ballot box.  

If Democrats really cared about ‘women’, they would care about all women, including conservative women. For instance, they would celebrate the fact that though they disagree with her politically, Kellyanne Conway is the first female campaign manager to run a winning Presidential campaign. They would’ve celebrated the fact that Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, before Comrade Cortez crashed onto the scene, was the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. And as they also claim to care about black women, they would celebrate what the awesome Candace Owens has achieved in such a short time of being the most famous black female conservative on the planet. 

Liberals, and I’m talking in particular about liberal women, won’t do any of those things of course, because they don’t celebrate anything conservative women do, and in fact demonize them at every turn. So just like the myth that they care about black people, gays, immigrants, or the environment, they only care about their side and getting the win. It’s about power, and the minute you cross them, you’re cancelled! Even Cecile Richards wouldn’t be safe from their wrath.

If Cruella De Forceps president of Planned Butcherhood ever flipped on abortion, they’d dump her too, in a minute, no matter how many dismemberment dollars she’d brought in. Just look at what they did to Abby Johnson. 

They’re for ‘Women’s rights’ they say, yet Democrats are perfectly find with 450,000 girls being aborted every year, and even with sex-selective abortions to ensure even less women are born. I thought they said ‘the future is female’? How can it be female if females aren’t allowed to be born? Democrats are also fine with importing massive amounts of people from countries which consider women non-citizens, much less 2nd class, cover their women with tarps, justify beating their women in their religion, and even prosecute the women if they get raped. And let’s not forget those lovely ‘honor killings’. To twist the old adage, “With ‘caring’ like this, who needs enemies”?

No, as we’ve seen with the despicable treatment any woman who is not for infanticide receives, the Left doesn’t care about ‘women’, only certain women. Much like when Hollyweird impersonator Debra Messing said blacks who support Trump are mentally ill, many of whom get called ‘not really black’; women who are pro-life aren’t considered ‘real women’. We’re categorized as some kind of apron-wearing, cookie-baking Stepford wife freaks who want the world to be like the Handmaid’s Tale. 

It’s funny how they always talk about ‘choice’ when it comes to sex and reproduction, but God forbid a woman wants to either stay at home to raise her kids (it’s still ‘work’), or wants to have a lot of kids, then there is something wrong with you. Or if you believe that it’s better for a child to grow up with a mother and a father and that a mother can never take their place. Don’t want to grind it out like the men that have to go home and change diapers? You’re not a ‘real’ woman. Now there’s a debate between the modern ‘woke feminists’ and the 3rd wave feminists over whether biological men are actually women, and should be able to compete in women’s sports. 

The Left has lost its collective mind and is turning everything upside down. And while it’s certainly an interesting time to be alive, it’s crucial that conservatives and conservative women in general understand the importance of culture in this war to save America.

It’s a spiritual and ideological battle to be sure, but that war is fought on the battlefield of culture and we need to make sure our weapons are functioning and that we have more women in the fight. Looking at the way Elise Stefanik conducted herself in the Impeachment inquisition hearings versus the way the ‘Squad’ communists do⏤shows that we have some solid warriors more than capable, it wasn’t even close. 

But politics is about numbers, so one great⏤against many subpar only lasts so long, eventually the one tires and is overcome⏤even a magnificent lion, if alone against a pack of hyenas is overcome, and I’ll leave it to you to figure out which is which.

So, my conservative sisters, no more standing on the sidelines, it’s time for all hands on deck. Let’s show them what we’re made of. The future is in fact ‘female’ – conservative female – at least that is what the first female President will be, mark my words.

Our ideas are better, our values are better, we’re stronger and we’re smarter, we just need to be there. So get in the game!