It was a bittersweet moment for me as I recorded my last show for Season Two of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Pleasure on America Out Loud. Although I am glad for having some of my time back to do things I need or choose to do (getting up at 4:30 am was tough some days!), I will truly miss the thought provoking, educational, varied and invigorating conversations with the 9 other fantastic and amazing women hosting that show.

I spent some time today reflecting on the journey to this day, and it’s really been an amazing and fulfilling roadtrip of life. My husband, Dr Ron Martinelli, a forensic criminologist has long been writing for various publications, and been on T.V. regularly as an expert in his field. Each of us owns a business, his in experting in police practices and forensics, law enforcement training, and civilian training, and mine in the field of printing and marketing for businesses. Both companies are successful, and Ron and I talk about any and everything within our lives and our businesses. Ron suggested to me that I write for America Out Loud, but I was not so sure that I could take on more responsibility. After talking to Malcolm at America Out Loud, I was excited for the opportunity to write for someone that would let me say the things that I was passionate about, without censoring what I write. 

Although I had never written for public consumption, I believe in pushing myself to try new things and open new doors. Writing has been an absolute joy for me and the response has been unexpected and wonderful.

Then came a phone call from Malcolm, asking me if I would like to be on the radio on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Pleasure, Season 2. I was extremely flattered, but told my husband I did not want to be on the radio. I would feel so exposed there and it was scary, out of my wheelhouse and comfort zone. But the part of myself that realizes it is out of my comfort zone, is also the part that kicks me in the rear end every time and says that is all the more reason to do it. It’s a big part of me, to take that uncomfortable risk, because if we don’t, how do we ever grow in life. How do  we get an opportunity to really become all that we can become, but by moving out of comfort into discomfort until that becomes your new comfort zone? It’s a challenge I have forced myself to take all of my life, and it has worked well for me. There is always the option to change directions if things go south.

I’ll never forget the first show, the self-doubt I punished myself with, afraid to sound foolish in front of family and friends. Of the 10 hosts, 7 were “liberal” and 3 were  “conservative”. I thought it might be a fight at times, but it never was. That first show, where we discussed if a woman SHOULD be elected as President went fine though, much to my surprise, and  every show after that went better and better. I am an educated and opinionated common sense conservative, and my voice matters as much as anyone else’s. I have life experiences to draw from in so many varied areas, that I realized that I do have value to add to the conversation.

In Season 2, we had ten women from all different places within the U.S and outside the U.S. We all have different backgrounds, different careers, and different political views. We are different races, religions, sexual orientations. Some are married, some not, some have children, some not. 

The most valuable lesson I learned on Life Liberty was this. We all have more in common than not. We can have respectful discussions on politics and religion, on the 2nd amendment, on social issues, on relationship issues, on ANY issue. We can agree to disagree without name-calling, and vitriol. We can end our discussions as friends and colleagues, despite our differences, and we found more gray areas than we did black and white. America Out Loud, and Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Pleasure is a beacon of light in how conversations can be had, and should be had in our country, amongst people who are of different minds. I, and the ladies of Life Liberty are committed to spreading this message as far and wide as we can.

We are proof that it can be done. We are not going away after today, we are morphing into a group of women with powerful voices and will carry our message to the world and our legacy will be to continue to bring people together. We will be writing, we will be accepting speaking engagements, we will be doing podcasts and radio shows. The 20 women of Seasons 1 and 2 are intelligent, articulate, passionate, diverse, opinionated and they are the best example of how we as a society can come together and find common ground

For myself, I had a new opportunity come my way, disguised as a challenge. I was asked if I was interested in having my own radio show on America Out Loud. No, I really wasn’t….until…. it occurred to me that the person that I have the best and most invigorating and thought provoking conversations is none other than my husband, Dr Ron. I believe that the things we talk about are the things that America talks about around their dinner tables, with their families and friends. I believe that Americans are tired of being talked at by the media, and told what to think. So we together developed Talking While Married, a one hour show where Ron and I talk to each other, as we talk in our own home, on big issues, small issues, heartwarming stories, frost my socks moments, and heroes amongst us. Please join us for coffee Monday through Friday at 8pm EST on, and visit us on Facebook at Talking While Married.