Leftist partisan politics is finding a stronghold in the “leadership” of some police departments. In Thousand Oaks, CA, and Los Angeles, the First Amendment is under fire by people sworn to protect that right. In Fairfax County, VA, a police officer was suspended by his chief for detaining an illegal alien who was wanted by ICE, because he violated that chief’s illegal alien protection policy.

We’ll also talk with attorney Gabe Crocker. Gabe was a police officer, and president of the St. Louis County Police Association when Ferguson, MO was invaded following the event that led to Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson using deadly force to protect his life. The anti-police madness that consumed Ferguson and the entire country, and the ensuing unfair treatment of police officers–at various times by politicians, prosecutors, media, department commanders–informed Gabe’s decision to become an attorney. His story is riveting, and the assistance he can offer to first responders all over the country is invaluable. If you are a first responder, or have loved ones who are, this segment is important to listen to. Image: Los Angeles Times/TNS

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Gabe can be found at crockerlawstl.com

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