The Leading Health Problem In America

The Misdiagnosed Life: You’ve heard the saying that, “You are what you eat,” but a more accurate saying is, “You are what you absorb.” And if you have problems with your gut you more than likely are not absorbing many if any, of the nutrients from the food you eat. This alone can cause a whole host of health problems. And our health problems start a whole lot sooner than we think.

Did you know that digestive disorders are some of the leading health problems facing American’s today? reported $1.96 billion in sales of antacid tablets in 2013. That excludes liquid antacids. And It’s estimated that 80- 90% of the population has a leaky gut. So the question is – why is this such a problem and what can we do about it?

A diseased digestive system is not the only problem but when you add constant stress, an unhealthy diet, lack of proper rest and exercise, these all contribute to the health crisis many Americans are facing.

John Thomas Author of the book, “Young Again! How to Reverse the Aging Process;” now in 6th edition addresses these and other problems plaguing Americans today.

He’s writing a new book that is distributed free via email; published monthly under name:  Special Insights. It’s very informative and I highly recommend going to his site and signing up to get his newsletter – he shares a wealth of information that u won’t get anywhere else and offers practical suggestions for healing the gut and other disorders.

Some of the ways to help heal the gut is by properly digesting the food you eat, replenishing your gut with probiotics and supplementing with nutrients that heal and repair the gut. But it all starts with eating healthy food that nourishes the body, properly digesting it, and having an intestinal system that readily absorbs the nutrients so the body can heal and repair itself. This is very difficult if not impossible when you have an unhealthy digestive system.

As Hippocrates is quoted as saying, “All disease begins in the gut”. This could not be a more true statement! Find out why in this podcast as I interview John on issues affecting the gut and how to heal and repair it for a more healthy vibrant life!