It is a certainty that 99% of Americans and Europeans have no knowledge of the Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916 nor its legacy. I have not been able to find a single historian telling us if there was any other alternative to that agreement.

Let me explain the background to our American readers. WWI ended in 1919 after five years of the most horrendous mass slaughter of armies in the recorded history of Europe, if not the world. The war was primarily between Germany, Turkey and other allies against Britain, France, Russia and their allies starting in 1914.

As the war progressed, Britain and France redrew the map of the Middle East based on the future collapse of the Ottoman Empire. They literally drew lines on a map carving up areas to be under their control after the end of the war with complete indifference regarding the ethnicity, culture and religions of the peoples of the new areas.

The Ottoman Turks ruled the Arab peoples for almost 500 years with an iron fist. There were no Arab states under the Turkish boot; only Arab nationals and other minorities such as Christians, Jews, Kurds and others.

No Arab and no historian I know of ever mentioned the most glaring fact possible that the British and French literally created 22 Arab states that never existed as such in history while the Arabs condemn Britain for the Balfour Declaration allowing a single Jewish state to be formed.

Tragically, the British and French did not take into account a great number of people (today almost 30,000,000) who are not Arab, Turk or Persian called Kurds because they had no one in Europe to speak for them.

Let me make it crystal clear that the Turks controlled their subjects by dividing the conquered territories into Wilayat / Provinces / Districts with governors subject to the Khalifa / Sultan in Istanbul. The British and French went much further by literally creating political states that became sovereign later on.

For decades, Britain and France have been vilified and condemned as imperialists by duplicitous and hypocritical Arabs and their sympathizers while not a single historian has been able to suggest another alternative nor were they given credit for bringing the Arabs up from 17th century to 20th century with Constitutions, Electrification, Transportation, Education, Health etc.

I Repeat duplicitous and hypocritical Arabs because they have the audacity to accuse the Western nations of imperialism while very conveniently overlooking and wilfully ignoring the crystal clear historical fact that it was the Arab hordes who came out of the Peninsula of Arabia after 635AD and literally OCCUPIED, slaughtered and plundered all of the Middle East and North Africa from the Christian Byzantine Empire and the Persian Sassanid Empire.

I have repeatedly asserted and proven that Arabs and Muslims NEVER admit fault or error but accuse all others of doing so and this article adds another chapter to their disgraceful contortion of history.

No historian I know of has ever addressed the reasons why for 500 years the allegedly fearless and nationalistic Arabs did not revolt against the Turks. In fact the British had to BRIBE some of the Arabs in the Arabian Peninsula to act in a small way against the Ottomans. It was after all said and done, the British and French who LIBERATED the ingrate Arabs from 500 years under the yoke of the Ottoman Turks.

It is beneath contempt and beyond indecency but in full accord with Arab duplicity and hypocrisy that the fictitious and imaginary instantly invented Palestinians have voiced their complete opposition to the creation of a Kurdish state and the liberation of the Kurdish people while they incessantly moan about their alleged suffering from Israeli so called occupation.

As usual, the despicable, dishonest and immoral UN members who helped create the mythical Palestinian people and who accuse Israel of being an occupier of a fabricated state, have absolutely no problem from vehemently condemning the Kurdish people of over 35,000,000 souls aspiring to have their own independent state.

Quarterbacking when not in power is always easy.

Tragically, for political reasons only, the USA is siding with the enemies of the Kurds. Politics is the art of expediency and politicians rarely fulfil their promises to the electorate because Real Politics prohibits them from doing so.

The Kurds of Iraq have decided to have their own state governed by Kurds and not Arabs. Unfortunately, they are landlocked; surrounded by the very states that will not give them the right of independence: Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. How they are going to survive remains to be seen.

Only Israel from over 190 states in the UN supports the creation of a Kurdistan. Why only Israel? Two reasons:

As Jews, Israelis understand fully what it means to suffer and be at the mercy of others. Also, when the Arabs of Iraq and Syria were persecuting their Jews, the Kurds were the only people who helped thousands of them escape to Iran under the Shah without once cheating or taking advantage of a single Jew; an act of decency unparalleled by 20th century Muslims.

I sincerely hope that Americans who love freedom should keep themselves informed and support the Kurdish people to be independent especially since they have been among the foremost allies of the USA in the war against ISIS.

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