In 1973, the fictional movie Soylent Green™️takes us to an overcrowded, starving world, afflicted by the scourge of global warming, with only one Government controlled food source.

From cradle to grave people eat a mixture of soy and other nutrients, derived from dead human remains. I know… the thought is disgusting!

Even these little colorful cubes of Play-Doh must be eaten by the wealthy elite as well. How ironic. I would insist that they be shaped like crow… or dummy bears.

In many respects, the Green movement of today eerily mirrors the movie in spirit and name too!

People live and eventually die peaceably to a beautiful video of nature at its best. How wonderful! Virtual reality replacing reality.

The thought of transforming our lives to a Government vision of what our future must be, smells of the the greatest manipulation of human dignity and loss of individual freedom, ever conceived. 

It’s not just the economic unsustainable cost that the “Green” movement requires, but the human cost, based on the vision of a few key lawmakers convincing us that they know better and it’s for our own good.  

This arrogance may cause us to starve both spiritually and literally. 

Love.. RayRay and a Poem 

Soylent Green™️ 2.0

They’ve outlined their programs
But it’s short on detail
The Jerry-Rigging of America
Which is destined to fail

Coast to Coast travel
While Jets fill with rust
Slot cars on highways
Boeing and Exxon a bust

Clunkers are outlawed
Duck tape’s a must
Behold the new slogan on currency
In Socialism We Trust

Taxes are massive
Which strangle our neck
Cookie cutter corporations
Will Wall Street object?

12 years till doomsday
It’s time to enact
What about India and China
Well Good luck with that

Food for the Masses
Clothes all the same
Removing all Borders
Thus changing our name

Healthcare and Wealthcare
Federal con jobs for all
Will We let stealth and coercion
Push us over the Fall

While Controlling the message
So we will do as they say
While Big Tech conspires
To keep information and people at bay

The future’s not pretty
It’s Orwell gone wild
It’s their cradle but our grave
Yet convince us, that we’re doing it in Style

Written by RayRay 2/8/19©️