Just like Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s bogus claims a few months ago to have been responsible for creating America’s booming economy that supposedly President “Trump inherited”, Joe Biden’s recent claims to have had a hand in setting up the peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates during his trips to the Middle East as Vice President are equally false. President Trump is the one who achieved this diplomatic milestone. Joe Biden and Barack Obama couldn’t find Israel and the United Arab Emirates on a map if their lives depended on it.

Though I am loathe to quote Joe Biden on anything, to paraphrase his comments made to Barack Obama when Obamacare was passed into law (crude comments that were overheard by much of America by the way), this peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates really is a “big effing deal”. A huge accomplishment and move towards a greater Middle East peace. Unlike Obamacare which did nothing good for the American people, and was only a “big effing deal” in the minds of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

The only thing that Joe Biden and Barack Obama accomplished in the Middle East during their eight years in office was to send hundreds of billions of dollars to Iran, the world’s biggest sponsor of international terrorism, and a nation that had hoped to become the main power in the volatile Middle East region.

It’s certainly understandable why Joe Biden would try to glom onto this major diplomatic achievement by President Trump. After all, as former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense Bob Gates once said, “Joe Biden has been wrong on every major foreign policy position for his entire career”.

My suspicions are that we will soon be seeing other Arab nations also declare peace and move to establish formal relations with Israel. Bringing an end to the decades-long state of war that has existed between Israel and the Arab world.

Soon other Gulf States like Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain will also recognize that their futures look better being at peace with the Jewish state, than continuing to be bogged down with the Palestinians.

Having a unified Arab world at peace with Israel will go a long way towards further marginalizing the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is experiencing its own internal turmoil from the Iranian people who are fed up with the decades of rule by the Iranian Mullahs.

What President Trump has accomplished so far with the Israeli-UAE peace deal, and with much more likely to come on the diplomatic front in the Middle East, has been one of the most important diplomatic achievements in world history.

And though his diplomatic efforts with North Korea have stalled somewhat, it’s important to note that North Korea has not been firing ballistic missiles over our ally Japan for quite some time now. And the regular bombastic threats levied against the United States have also been tempered. So there is still hope that an agreement can be achieved to rid the Korean Peninsula of a nuclear threat.

I’m betting that once Kim Jung Un sees that with peace breaking out in the Middle East, and his only real ally Iran being backed into a corner and weakened both politically and militarily, his better option may also be to resume the peace process started with President Trump. We shall see.

Barely after taking office, Barack Obama was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing more than going on an apology tour to the Arab world, and achieving nothing in return. All Obama and Joe Biden accomplished was to display American weakness to the entire planet. Weakness that was exploited at great cost to American prestige in the world by our enemies Russian, China, and Iran.

President Trump has achieved more in four years towards bringing peace to the world than any other world leader since Ronald Reagan when he confronted the Soviet Union. Which ultimately led to the Downfall of that communist nation.

I’m looking forward to what President Trump will achieve in four more years!

Image: AP