Step one in their effort is to undermine the rule of law, which includes creating mistrust and doubt in our ruling institutions that bind this nation together. Destroying confidence in the Supreme Court by attacking Justice Kavanaugh is just the most recent step down this road that we as a nation have been traveling, which has been driven by the Socialist Democrat Party for decades now.

Justice Clarence Thomas was the first target of the Socialist Democrats, who were willing to stoop to any level to smear the reputation of a Supreme Court nominee who they believed might rule differently than what the Socialist Democrats wanted to impose upon the people of this nation.

The treatment by the Socialist Democrats of this good and decent man of color was among the most egregious of racist and ethical violations ever committed by the Socialist Democrats that anyone has ever had to endure.

Right up until their coordinated personal attacks and ongoing lies committed against Justice Kavanaugh. And the fine family of Justice Kavanaugh must be included as victims, since they also suffered from the lies of this Socialist Democrat full scale assault against the nominee. The same type of assaults and lies that will be levied against the next nominee any Republican president makes to the highest court in the land. 

When will the Socialist Democrats finally be held accountable? When will Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh finally receive the justice he and his family deserve? When will the politicians who are desperately trying to seize control of this nation by any means, including unethical and even illegal, once and for all finally be relegated to the “ash heap of history”, (to quote former President Ronald Reagan about the Soviet Union), another communist entity that had to be defeated.

Let there be no doubt, what we are experiencing is nothing short of an attempted take-over of the world’s greatest democracy. They may call themselves something else, but the bottom line is the Socialist Democrats are determined to destroy our Constitutional form of government and bring an end to America as we know it.

They intend to replace it with something unrecognizable to us patriotic and faithful Americans. Allegiance will be commanded to a rainbow-colored flag over the Stars and Stripes, our national borders will no longer exist allowing anyone at any time to cross into our land, and the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights will no longer be the foundation of our governing principles.

The more people they can entice into America and get hooked onto government assistance⏤the more they can control what people do and even think. No original thought or deed that contrasts with the party’s approved ideology and guidelines will be allowed. And when someone is dependent on the government for their very survival it’s pretty easy to control them.

This is also why they are committed to disarming Americans. Once a citizenry has no means of defending themselves against government oppression, they can no longer resist. 

Make no mistake, the Socialist Democrats are committed to and determined to remake the Supreme Court into the image that they have of what they want this nation to be, and how it should be governed. Governed as a Socialist/ Communist dictatorship controlling every aspect of American’s lives.

Americans of conscience must stand up and loudly demand accountability. It is time for Republicans to take the gloves off and to fight back on our behalf to save this nation. We must demand that those senators who repeated the lies and attacks against Justice Kavanaugh be held accountable at the ballot box in 2020. And we must stand up for the rule of law and common decency in America.

Our future as a Constitutional Republic depends on it.