PARENTS BEWARE – This should be the sign posted at the front of nearly every college in America today. The liberal hippies from the sixties, flourished in our colleges as professors through the twentieth century. Their liberal, dangerous, America hating mindset was shared with millions of college students. Most of them hated America, much because of the Vietnam war. For the first time in American history, young people old enough to join the military were making their own decision whether the ’cause to fight’ was just. Previous to this, every generation wanted to fight for their country’s cause.

That hatred and distain for the American way of life, is the root of today’s liberal indoctrination of students on college campus.

People like Bernie Sanders and the Socialist party grew from this age in time. Bernie and many others like him were part of the “Young People’s Socialist League” (the youth affiliate of the Socialist Party of America), and were active in the Civil Rights Movement. What poor Bernie and millions like him weren’t aware of, is they were pawns in the growth of today’s Democrat/ Socialist Party. Yesterday’s Democrat is today’s Liberal/ Socialist, they are pretty much two of the same. During the mid-twentieth century, Democrats in control began entitlement programs to citizens that were funded through taxpayer money. Programs like, food stamps, public housing, social security, minimum wage, medicare/medicaid.

In order to gain power and control, todays Socialists/ Democrats have added free college tuition among the entitlement programs they want to offer, or believe everyone should have. Obama during his Presidency, did all he could do to contribute to the mindset of entitlement. Which is why, more people are on food stamps than any other time in history. Basically, Socialism levels the playing field and tries to bring the less fortunate up a little, while bringing the successful and more fortunate down a little, and at times a lot. What’s lost, is the fact this kills the incentive to get ahead, to do more and work harder. This ultimately is where Socialism breaks down and fails. The result in every case being colossal failure and sometimes ending in the death of millions. As I state in my book, socialism is like a parasitic plant, which chokes the life out of other plants.

Jump ahead to today’s twenty first century. Our Christian values are being chipped away, “So help me God”, now being taken out of an oath to serve Congress. Our family values being decimated by the liberals over the past forty years, has left our youth with an extreme entitlement factor. Being grateful for what you have is a novel thought to most kids today. Never to miss an opportunity, today’s Socialist/ Democrats are taking full advantage, especially in our colleges.

In the fall of 2016, total undergraduate enrollment in degree-granting postsecondary institutions was 16.9 million students. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the most liberal colleges in the United States are mostly on the west coast and the Northeast. Although there are plenty of others in-between. The left-wing media outlets, who are part of the Deep State, joined Obama to help create this disturbing mind-set of entitlement which fills the minds of many college bound students. Millions of them arrive into their new world dazed and confused, and are looking for someone to help them understand what the world is all about. Many of their delusional liberal professors take it upon themselves to share their distorted liberal mindset.

The liberal mindset is about controlling the group or individual that hasn’t figured out they can think for themselves. This mindset wants total destruction for any opposing viewpoint. Along with this, comes the distinct lack of family values, which has radically altered our society. A liberal’s value system has little to do with ethical or moral norms because these are most often the beliefs of their enemies.

Today, we are watching the unbelievable lack of concern for human life, as ultra-liberal politicians vote to approve full term abortions.

This is the mindset that is likely to be purveyed to your little Johnny or Mary as they enter today’s college world. Thank God there are groups rising up to stop the insanity, such as Campus Hate Watch, part of Act for America. The good thing about Campus Hate Watch is they don’t just want to expose these radical professors, they want them fired, stopping them from poisoning the minds of our youth across America. It’s quite frightening when you view the ones they’ve exposed already, and there are thousands.

Parents, before you allow your college bound student to choose the college they want or are being offered a scholarship to, stop and research their professors. Before it’s too late and the indoctrination begins.