The first political parties in the United States were formed during the first administration of George Washington⏤called The Federalist Party and the Democratic-Republican Party. It was 1828 when the Democratic Party was formed. The Republican Party was founded in 1854, replacing the Whig Party. The formation of opposing political parties in the US highlighted the ongoing struggle between a bigger more expansive government that Democrats embraced and the more limited decentralized government that Republicans preferred. 

The more recent divide in the Democratic Party between the Squad, AOC, Bernie Sanders, the hard-left turn, and traditional Democrats has put the party at odds with itself. Democrats use their policy proposals to convince people that their big programs, medical for all, building the welfare state, environmental crises are all gifts focused on human rights and compassion for the people. It is anything but that.

The political, media, and tech oligarchs are now consolidating power, using the events on Capitol Hill for justification to de-platformed the President of the United States. Do not be deceived. They are not coming for President Trump, they are coming for YOU.

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