June 17, 2021

June 17, 2021

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The Hidden Side of Medical Cancel Culture

by | May 7, 2021 |

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It’s quite obvious that when a physician loses his medical license for any reason, the personal consequences are devastating. But what most patients don’t realize is that they themselves have been victimized by cancel tactics for years. How? It starts with trusting “the new system” of medicine. In the golden years of medicine, physicians were paternalistic, and whatever they recommended was seldom questioned. Patients felt safe in assuming their doctor had only their best interest in mind—their health. And that was once a fairly safe assumption, despite the shortcomings of paternalism.

Things have changed. Now you, the patient, are a commodity. You’re very unlikely to be physically examined if you show up in the emergency department (ED), even with a potentially serious condition. The protocol has changed. No longer are diagnostic tests used only to confirm a condition suspected by a thorough history and physical exam. Imaging, lab tests, and other interventions are now the primary mode of patient evaluation. I’ve heard the story hundreds of times from my patients, “The doctor didn’t even examine me.” Even if your symptoms are consistent with a pre-pandemic, typical viral syndrome, expect to be told that your symptoms could be very serious, even life-threatening, and that tests must be ordered. Fever? It could be sepsis. Abdominal pain? Perhaps your bowel is obstructed. Headache? It might be a brain tumor. Theoretically, anything is possible. But have you noticed that health systems are using many more nurse practitioners and physician assistants these days?

It’s getting harder to see a physician. But does it matter? Medical schools seem to have drifted away from physical diagnosis, and when diagnostic skills are put aside, patients suffer. But hospital CEOs prosper—big time! The more diagnostic tests that can be ordered, the greater the profit for the hospital.

For example, one patient lamented that he had a $50,000 work up for “chest pain” that, by brief history, strongly suggested a simple panic attack rather than a cardiac event. He had no insurance and thus was responsible for this full cost. He was devastated. I helped him by asking if the ED physician performed a physical exam on him. No, he hadn’t. He didn’t even listen to his heart and lungs with a stethoscope! I advised him to request a copy of the chart notes. The response was a reduction of his bill to $20,000. No chart notes were sent to him. I advised that he request his chart notes again. This time the bill was reduced to $10,000, but he still did not receive chart notes. He again requested them, and in response, he was advised that his entire ED visit was written off. He was very pleased. But why did this happen? Because most patients don’t request chart notes. These would have revealed a completely documented physical exam that never happened, and the hospital knew it. You see, a physical exam takes time. A physical exam would possibly make all those diagnostic tests unnecessary. A physical exam would cost the hospital money. And for that reason, it often is not done. Or it is greatly curtailed.

Another example is a patient who had all the classic symptoms of a common cold. He was congested and was coughing profusely. The cough caused a headache, and copious mucus from a runny nose induced an episode of vomiting. He went to the ED for treatment. He recovered in a few days but had to cancel a vacation due to his copays from the ED evaluation that included a CT scan of his head, chest, and abdomen—all for a common cold. No medication was prescribed. This is corruption in medicine, but it is also becoming part of the new normal. We should not accept it.

I am not suggesting that every practitioner is out to scam patients. Perhaps most are honest and genuine. But anyone employed by organized medicine is pressured to comply with the status quo. And the status quo is to maximize financial returns for the hospital. The same goes for health insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, and every other entity in the medical field these days. The result is greater healthcare costs, unnecessary medical tests, frequent misdiagnoses, and increased harm from radiation exposure (think CT scans) and other interventions. 

When physicians lost control of medicine, patients paid a price. Despite all the focus on the veneer of “quality measures,” patient health rates a distant second compared to the bottom line. This is how the COVID-19 pandemic got so out of control.

Let’s be clear; you aren’t wearing a mask for your health; you are wearing it because you’ve been duped by the medical cancel culture. The same goes for the social distancing and the radical “vaccine” experimentation. The truth is, we have a ways to go before we can tally the full carnage from Coronamania. The worst may still be beyond the horizon. But one thing is certain. If we don’t start opening our eyes and ears to the truth based on pure science, physicians will no longer be needed. They will be replaced by the bogus protocol of pseudoscience as dictated by governmental and technocratic elites. And if that happens, health care will become an oxymoron. Ultimately, you, the patient, are responsible for your health. Don’t be naïve.

Dr. Steve LaTulippe

Steve LaTulippe M.D. is a physician board certified in Family Medicine, a retired United States Air Force officer, and a Bible college and seminary-trained ordained minister whose focus was Christian doctrine and Bible interpretation. His medical practice has focused on pain and addiction medicine. His military service includes flying the KC-135 Stratotanker and an RF-4C phantom, then later serving as Chief of Medicine in the Oregon Air National Guard. Steve is currently fighting the battle of cancel culture in medicine, and he has published a book, Unity Without Compromise, as an instrumental tool towards unifying potentially the greatest force on earth—the Christians.

Unity Without Compromise Radio Show host, Dr. LaTulippe, combines his experience as a physician, a seminary-trained ordained minister, and a retired Air Force officer, to boldly reveal the truth, expose lies, and show precisely how we can unite as Christians and Patriots into a powerful force against the present darkness that threatens our God-given freedoms that made America great.

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