DETOXIFYING AMERICA – Detoxification is the removal of all impurities from our body that have accumulated through food, water, air and stress. When we are detoxing we have to eliminate causative agents and add those wholesome empowering agents.

Traditionally we think of Detoxification for our bodies but not for our Nation. Today we take a look at the impurities we have allowed to come into our country. This teaching today will take another look at America as a person who has been battered and abused, a person who is in distress and needing help.

This is our country, our land and it is up to us to keep it healthy and strong. 

It is not left up to Washington to change the country, it is left up to us as the citizens of this great land to begin to shift the consciousness from negativity to self empowerment. 

As I listened to an old documentary news report featuring Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather and Connie Chung, I realized how far away from the truth most news reports are.

It was with great respect and reverence that they shared the facts. They were true Americans reporting the news as it really was without the commercialization of the reporting.

It is time for our nation to heal. It is time for a heart transplant from dishonor to one of honor. We don’t change people by changing who is in office. We change by understanding who God is. As we were born into these bodies, we will leave these bodies and we will be accountable for what we have done and said in these bodies.

The truth must be acknowledged and it must be appreciated. The Bible said when a man’s ways please the Lord, He will make even his enemies to be at peace with Him.

Your children are listening and reading what you say and write on social media. Are you saying what you wish to leave as a legacy?

As we learn to cleanse our minds by thinking on things that are good; we can shift the way we think about America. We must stand together as a body of people to change our nation and allow it to heal

My fellow Americans it is time to recognize our calling as a leader among nations. We are the source for all that is good and right in this world. We owe it to ourselves and our families to change our trajectory.

Listening to the negative news or any news is not a requirement to be an American. You can turn it off! You can choose to disconnect for everyone in Social Media who is spreading the poison. You can stand up and stand out! It is your choice.

Good leaders will hear and obey God. The next time you vote choose someone with a history of doing good to and for people. Choose someone with heart and character. Choose well and live well.

Listen as I share “Detoxifying America.”

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