“Migrant caravan could save GOP: ‘Manna from heaven’ for Trump”

Hummn? This headline and the accompanying article is used either to hearten or disarm Trump voters into believing the invasion of illegals headed toward our southern border like a plague of locusts, is a God sent gift for Trump and the pro-American conservative movement.

It helps but it is not a gift. It is a pre-planned weapon wielded by the now silent Democrats to inflict pain on Trumps Nationalistic aspirations for America.

Maybe, but, it’s still coming and must be dealt with before they can overflow our border. A wall would stop them and funnel them toward the proper gates through which the flow of commerce and people daily pass between Mexico and the US, but it’s not built, is it? Democrats refuse to participate in protecting America’s sovereignty because they hate Trump and will do anything to cause him political damage. But, none-the-less they’re still coming.

Trump threatens to throw army forces at the border but most of them are engaged in armed conflicts abroad. National guard troops could be federalized, but then the Posse Comitatus rules that control the regular army’s use in civilian affairs, would kick in, that sort of thing and we’ve already visited this scenario before when General Pershing pursued banditos into Mexico. 

Using the army, except for Engineers to erect a quick barricade, is a non-starter simply because we don’t mow down women and children at will. In the end, American soldiers will do what American soldiers have always done, show compassion and tenderness to weak people, relieve their suffering, feed and water them, then try to figure out a way, militarily because that’s how they think, to return them home. That’s the goal in any event.

The political answer lies in absolutely denying them welfare or at least prohibit American taxpayer funds be used for any purpose that supports their presence in the United States. They are not entitled to a job. They are not entitled to welfare and they are not entitled to health care beyond mending an injury and, they are not entitled to be here simply because they want jobs. 

Will the caravan help Trump? Only so long as it proves how desperate Democrats have become in their hatred of Donald Trump and activates Trump voters not already activated. The problem remains, however, they’re still coming. Make no mistake, the very fact that this giant parade of job seekers (listen to the interviews, not CNN) was so quickly organized and funded, suggests prior planning by forces whose interests lies in creating a New World Order, without borders.

Under the circumstance of a high percentage of young Americans already programed into the socialist agenda of multiculturalism, diversity and inclusiveness, and are willing to enforce their edicts by street action, it could happen within in our life time. History is filled with similar invasions by groups of people moving from one country to another, Genghis Khan’s mongol hoards, the Greeks, the Ottoman’s, the Huns, the Visigoths, the Romans, William the Conquerer, The Nazi’s into Russia, the Italians into Africa, the French into everywhere and even Europeans into the Great American Plaines displacing the native Americans. Even that lot, the Indians, have a history of invasion of other tribal lands accompanied by warfare, death and destruction. 

In the case of those now approaching our southern border, their leaders, doubtless already known to ICE if they’ve done their jobs correctly, can be plucked out from the group for legal action. Whatever the answer may be, these people cannot be allowed to get away with their invasion.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Image: Ueslei Marcelino / Reuters