If the gaggle of new socialist Democrats in the Congress believe they are practicing ratiocination, they are surely doomed to failure. A reasonably thinking person should logically conclude that established political leadership, no matter how intransigent, stupid or ineffective it is, is still the leadership and cannot simply be overthrown by their will alone. The theory of politics includes the art of smoozing your detractors, not bashing them as AOC did to her party’s leadership. But, no one claims any of ‘em are rational anyway.

The new AOC socialists have demanded that the Democrat led House address climate change as a national emergency and that Speaker Pelosi should create a “Select Committee for Climate Crisis.” Well, Pelosi did and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is not on it. Oh, the humanity, the shock!

That bright star of youthful enthusiasm, that champion of New York’s 14th CD, that beautiful poll dancing bartender from the Bronx, could be in for a long ride. Or could she?

ACO, who publicly challenged the Speakers leadership and opined on how far to the Left, the party should go, even before she was sworn in, has experienced a taste of Pelosi’s wrath for her impertinence. I originally supposed that she would probably get an office in the lower bowels of the Congressional office building as punishment, but apparently not. She’s the new darling face of the Democrat Party, the new face of an environmentally Green America (think communist).

Alex Ocasio-Cortez was poked in the eye by Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her earlier impudence trying to supplant the queen of the House, disrupt the party’s agenda to remove Trump and demand socialists programs that cannot possibly pass muster with the general public. How about a program that completely eliminates air travel in favor of yet to be built super high speed rail; How’s that boondoggle working for California? She wants to absolutely cease the production and use of fossil fuels, replace or retrofit every single building in the country with energy friendly edifices. How about stamping out bovine floatation, the major contributing cause of methane gas build up in our atmosphere? A boon perhaps for shoe polish makers?

Environmentalism has long been the “go to” issues socialists and failed communists believe the general public will embrace if they’re scared enough. They think if they can convinced the public that Climate Change is a real threat, one we will accept if the problem is so big that only government can solve it, then they will have achieved their goals. Currently, their problem sits in the White House prepared to stymie their plans at every turn.

But, be warned, AOC’s radical “Green New Deal” scheme, if you’ve glanced at it at all and haven’t fallen off your chair laughing, is this era’s version of Marx’s Communist Manifesto. The words and policy ideas expressed in it exemplify the communist direction Ocasio-Cortez wants to take us completely to top down government control by “massive investing” (i.e.: spending tax money) on programs nobody really wants or will work if they did want ’em.    

Americans need look no farther than Cuba or, right now, the churning collapse of Venezuela to see the failures of AOC’s socialism first hand. Are these people genuinely stupid? Should they gain even a modicum of success? If so, that would be their retribution on us, a real bitch to be sure! Beware, AOC’s Socialists come at us in the guise of environmental do gooders, to solve the problem by government fiat. When that happens fascism follows and that always turns into totalitarism. I think they can be stopped if we stay alert as voters. They have to be stopped. But above all, we must save the 2nd amendment, we may need it.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Image: from ABC Video Feed