As we make our way to election day on the third of November, we will be bombarded with an overload of information about the candidates, some truths, but mostly lies concocted by partisans on both sides of the aisle to sway the uniformed block of voters.

It is this group of ‘swing voters’ that will decide the election of 2020, as has been the case in previous elections.  

The reality that some people don’t know who their voting for⏤what is in their best interest both short term and long term, and what the consequences of their vote might bring to our nation and their individual lives⏤is astounding to me. 

It’s not as if there isn’t ample evidence to make a decision as to what candidate is the best choice, not only this election cycle but for the future of our country, our form of government, our rights and freedoms, our families and our way of life. The evidence could not be any clearer, yet many are still ‘undecided’, ‘not sure’, ‘weighing the options’, ‘waiting to hear more about the candidate’s plans’ or a thousand other clichés born of confusion, misinformation, or just plain stupidity. 

I suppose some could say I am stupid for seeing things so clearly, or at least believing I see things so clearly. I suppose my stupidity can cause me to lose sight of the value of human life when compared to other choices in front of me. I guess my stupidity can blur my ability to understand the need for a strong military to protect us from a growing worldwide threat, maybe I am just paranoid and my belief that countless countries, dictators and individuals across the globe, (and in this country) hate the USA, our republic form of government, our devotion to free speech, religion, and our constitution is just a figment of imagination. 

If I allow myself the introspection and clarity to see that perhaps my stupidity prevents me from seeing the horrific truths about America, its racism, xenophobia, selfishness disregard for my fellow citizens needs and desires, it’s greed and blood thirsty nature for anyone weaker than it, and not to mention the utter failure of capitalism that has brought nothing but despair to so many. I must consider the possibility that my stupidity may be obscuring my ability to see these truths that so many of my fellow citizens seem to understand without effort. 

As I start to look deeper and try desperately to wake up to the world as it may actually be, I find I have to look even closer so as not to miss out on any further potential revelations that can shake me from this slumber and the blindness my stupidity may be inflicting on me.

This growing concern has inevitably led me to question the very values of freedom, liberty, and self-determination itself. It very well may be that all of these afflictions I am suffering due to my own stupidity are not just blinding me to the truth, but maybe twisting my beliefs and understanding of my place in the world. I may actually be guilty of something, I’m not sure what exactly that is, but as the veil of fog lifts on this journey, it feels like there is guilt at the end of the path.  

The freedom and liberty question conjures up another whole set of questions about the form of government that is best for me and my family and the principles that support that government. Some of our fellow citizens now see socialism as an acceptable form of government⏤not just as an alternative to freedom and capitalism, but a better choice altogether. Could they be right?

For as long as I can remember I have always thought that the American republic form of government was the best, most equitable and offered the greatest opportunity for me and every American to rise to our full potential. When combined with the United States Constitution⏤it seemed like a powerhouse of hope for a better tomorrow. 

Freedom means I have to work hard to achieve the things I want and I might not have the ability to achieve as high a level as I would want. Heck I am kind of fond of going to the beach and would enjoy that more if I wasn’t working so hard every day. If we adopt a socialist form of government I would get to enjoy all the benefits of the beach without all the headaches of working so hard.

The great leaders of this new government would almost defiantly make it a law that we all get a beach house, plenty of vacation time, a great regular house, free college education, an electric car (I’d take the big Tesla over the Prius), great healthcare, maybe even as good as they have in Cuba, and everything would be fair and equitable; that is a life that is hard to argue with. I feel kind of foolish that I didn’t consider it sooner, stupidity is not your friend as I’m finding out.

Why I didn’t consider this option sooner, the government running everything and providing all of life’s niceties⏤I have to blame partly on my parents and my teachers. Both of these groups told me early on that freedom was a gift to cherish. Opportunity was the most powerful thing you could have in life and if I worked hard I could attain anything I desired. And it was here that I should have been suspicious. 

What if I’m not that smart or good at anything. Say I wanted to be brain surgeon, but I can’t get the grades to get to medical school, or if I wanted to be a leader of a giant corporation that made heart healthy tofu of biodegradable fuel more powerful than the dirty petroleum products we are stuck with, but I can’t really plan things that well. In our current form of government, I am out of luck. I can only rise to the level at which I can perform; totally unfair. 

In a socialist government I am guessing they will just make the brain surgeon test easier so I could pass, or better yet, just let me do it anyway, that would be fair right, why should the brainiacs’ get the good jobs, spread them around. 

If people aren’t fair and share what they got, the government will just take it from them and redistribute it so we can all share the wealth. Can you imagine if everyone got to be a brain surgeon or a powerful corporate executive making millions of dollars a year how great would life be?

Yes, the more I consider my options, the more I am starting to see just how clear the choice in the next election really is. On one hand we have a man who says some edgy comments that some don’t like, who is way too confident, and believes in that traditional America, you know the freedom, liberty, hard work routine where everyone has to rely on their own initiative and drive to get ahead. The guy who wants a military so strong and powerful that no nation on earth would dare attack us. The guy who hangs on that constitution like it was the most important thing of all, disregarding how people feel for the “Rule of law”. That’s some choice.

Then we have the other guy, he might be a bit confused about where he is and what day it is, and he might be a little feeble, but his vice president can run everything anyway so we don’t have to worry about that being a problem. This guy will usher in a new form of government, at least he and all his colleagues say they will, so I wouldn’t doubt them. Besides, we will get everything for free, everything we need, the beach house, health care, everything. We will have more time off if he’s elected⏤time we can spend with our families at the beach house. He will put some manners on the military so they stop causing havoc around the world, it would be nice if the other countries liked us anyway. The Chinese government seems nice enough if we just stopped blaming them for everything. 

Sure, taxes will go up, but most of it will come from the super-rich who have way more then they need anyway. He can also clean out the billionaire corporations, maybe he will make all of us partners in the companies, no more golden parachutes for them, but a smooth ride for us.

In the words of a man named Thomas Jefferson, “The government you elect is the government you deserve.” 

That sounds about right.