Everywhere we look and hear, there is news of corruption, immorality and greed in government. Not only in America, but it almost every country around the world!

What has happened to cause this chaos and decline? Who’s at fault for allowing men and women to rule nations who cannot rule their conscious?

Is our news media to blame for this? How are we to know what is best for us if our leaders do not know how to govern? What can we do as a nation to rectify this appearance of evil across all branches of our government? If these are the questions; where then, are the real answers?

Today we take a long awaited, and hard look at ourselves and the way we govern our nation. We walk through what looks good to us and what looks good to God. We will discover in this series of teaching that the two are vastly different and how the voters (neighbors, friends, and family), can change the landscape on election day.

This is a series that will surely shift you out of the norm into what can be an awakening into what is more righteous than normal in “THE GOVERNMENT OF GOD!”  www.theglobalchurchlive.com