June 17, 2021

June 17, 2021

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The Global Predators: Truth Over Fear

by | May 10, 2021 |

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The woke revolution, the cancel-culture, common core curriculum in our education system, the unhinged so-called mainstream media, social media oligarchs:  America is being attacked on multiple fronts. The propaganda machine shapes ideas; it has created a new normal that would have been unimaginable just a few short years ago. 

“It is now clear that as the avalanche of wokeness and national self-hate has crashed over the restraining walls of America, one pillar of traditional American democracy after another has fallen. The whole process was so sudden and has come on so unexpectedly that it is still difficult to appreciate the gravity of the assault on the American conception of itself …”  – British writer Conrad Black.

“People use to debate with each other, now they burn things down and attack each other. Violence has replaced reason and fear has begun to hold us hostage,” – Patrick Coffin.

Patrick Coffin, Author, Podcast, Summit Organizer, Visionary – The platform Patrick used for hosting the Truth Over Fear: Covid-19 and the Great Reset, a three-day summit, kicked our event off the internet and locked out all 50,000+ attendees… while the event was in motion and was five hours in on a multi-day event. Find out more at restoretheculture.com

Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab held a conference in 2017, possibly as earliest as 2015 – describing the COVID vaccine planning LONG BEFORE anyone knew there would be a need for COVID vaccine – and long before President Trump announced operation warp speed two years later. What has been uncovered about the role of Bill Gates in vaccine development as a source of revenue to his foundations – not “philanthropic” donations as portrayed?

Why did Big Tech work together to sabotage and suppress all information on the availability of early treatment with existing medicines – tactics included censoring internet info, funding research, then pulling the plug before benefit could be shown, suppressing medical publication of positive studies? Americans must heed the wake-up call that our freedoms are in jeopardy. Do we know who the enemy is?

Dr. Peter Breggin, author of the explosive new book Covid-19 and the Global Predators: We Are Their Prey. Dr. Breggin has uncovered a worldwide web of global predators that include Anthony Fauci, multi-billionaires, America’s most powerful corporations, government agencies NIH, CDC, FDA, and Communist China. Find out more at wearetheprey.com. Also, Team Nation, DrLee4America will join us all the call for a powerful discussion on censoring vital information being held from Americans.

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Malcolm Out Loud

Malcolm is the publisher of America Out Loud, host of ‘The Voice of a Nation’ and ‘Viewpoint This Sunday.’ He is the founder of America Out Loud Talk Radio and America Out Loud Podcast Network. Malcolm is a Speaker, Author & Founder of Brink Thinking. His previous career as the ‘big idea catalyst’ in marketing and creative director of television and radio advertising spanned over two decades.

Malcolm launched America Out Loud in April 2016 after an extensive career in broadcasting and business marketing. He has been a daily voice on the America Out Loud Talk Radio airwaves bringing some of the world's leading newsmakers and informed discussions on the issues confronting our world and nation. For over five years, Malcolm has been a driving force behind America Out Loud's growth, including bringing some of the most insightful programming and online journalism available today. America Out Loud provides an outlet for a vast and growing audience looking for news and analysis without the usual liberal media spin.

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Speaking Out to Rogue School Boards to Save Our Children

Speaking Out to Rogue School Boards to Save Our Children

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“I’ve Lost One Country I Don’t Want To Lose Another”

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Are We Allowed to Question Elections Anymore?

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“Storytimes are Wrong and Designed to Confuse Children,” former Drag Queen

“Storytimes are Wrong and Designed to Confuse Children,” former Drag Queen

Whitt said, he identified as a trans-male. He was a drag queen and gay prostitute. However, that was before he found Christ and turned his life around. He cautions parents whose children are being exposed to “Drag Queer Story Hour” at schools and public libraries. The activist says these storytimes are wrong and designed to confuse children…

Vaccine Coercion – Impact on Children and Churches

Vaccine Coercion – Impact on Children and Churches

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Social-Emotional Learning is the Method Used to Instill Critical Race Theory

Social-Emotional Learning is the Method Used to Instill Critical Race Theory

The question becomes, “What opinion do you want your child to follow?” Yours or someone who is playing psychiatrist? Public Schools now teach your child to answer every question through an emotional lens. Right or wrong, true or false, doesn’t matter, and long as the right politically correct answer is given. Social, Emotional Learning is the vehicle used to instill Critical Race Theory.

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Should You Just Say No to the New Genetic Juice?

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