The Republican Party has let Americans down, and people are really, really angry about it. An Atlanta columnist, Dick Yarbrough, opines: “It was Trump’s fault, he split the party as wide open as a coconut.” If the coconut was that easy to split wide open, maybe it’s because the coconut was rotten, and Trump did us a favor. Mr. Yarbrough worries that Georgia Republicans view Governor Brian Kemp, Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan, Attorney General Chris Carr, and Secretary of State Raffensperger, as complicit in Trump’s loss, but worse, complicit in allowing the US Senate to become Marxists. Well, Duh?

Trump’s very existence and his phenomenal, unprecedented economic MAGA success show there is indeed a wide crack in the Republican Party coconut, and it appears to be rotting for sure. Healing, as some call for, is only a word, not a solution. If cancer has grown in the body politic, the remedy is to cut it out. The cancer of political elitism whose survival depends on a steady flood of easy cash that corrupts must be neutralized.

Politics should not be a career profession. Demand term limits and don’t be conned by being told term limits are a choice for the voters. After this past election debacle, we know it isn’t.

I’ve been a conservative Republican since I was 18, and I don’t want to change. The idea of a third party is ludicrous and will condemn Conservatism to wander in the political wilderness damn near forever. So what to do?

Cut out the cancer of corruption from our own party, refresh its inner workings with long-abandoned conservative principles and young candidates and let’s have that fight. The GOP is Trump’s party if he will embrace it. I will support the TOP (Trump’s Own Party) and will not waste my funds to support the old GOP or any third-party nonsense. 

Yarborough characterizes Republicans like characters from Pogo the Possum cartoon strip of decades ago that featured creatures residing in the Okefenokee swamp facing problems of their own. Let the GOP stable of “Never Trumpers and Republicans for Biden,” the real Pogo swamp creatures, become the third party. It should be easy. It’s their choice, and they’re there anyway.

Yarborough’s voice is one of those soft voices that calls for GOP unity. Governor Kemp and the others appear unafraid as yet that a GOP split will deliver Georgia into Democrat dragon Stacey Abrams’ hands. They bask in the mistaken belief that Republicans will save them from the oncoming Abrams onslaught. For Kemp, Duncan, and the others, their problem is Republicans simply won’t show up to vote. Why should they?

Republicans didn’t challenge the corrupt voting system that allowed mail-in (not absentee) ballots by the thousands, drop boxes, and ballot harvesting, or question the validity of the suspicious $170 million Dominion voting machines connected to the Internet. These problems must be corrected before 2024. 

Yarborough wants Republicans (meaning the base) to put the past behind us and move on. Why? How can Conservatives face the future while dragging the unresolved chains of past corruption and voter fraud behind them? Unopposed politicians will not change until it is changed by the will and consent of the people, and they want Term Limits!

Yarbrough ties former Rep Bob Barr to the Republican collapse to Trump’s character. But there was no Republican collapse. Republicans all over the nation prevailed over Democrats in local and state governments. He quotes Bob Barr claiming Trump’s leadership: “was clumsy and unclear as democrats and media gadflies baited him into distracting squabbles.”  “That Trump never appeared able or willing to stop his emotions from getting the best of him”…laying the responsibility, now discredited, for the Capitol Hill violence, at Trump’s feet alone.

Yarborough wrote that the GOP must demonstrate its values to voters by showing true leadership. Does he mean our elected leadership or the aroused base? If the elected ones have shown their value and true leadership, then that’s the reason the base will not support them next time. Trump showed true leadership, and Americans loved him for it, and they still do. The “soft-spoken” advocates for unity are trying to lull our deep anger and resentment into undeserved submission so the Marxists, with Republican participation, can continue its slovenly drive for mediocrity. 

The GOP has abandoned conservative principles for its own survival in the swamp of DC comity; They want us to go along to get along, and we should just get used to the idea of the Socialist State that’s here now. Yarborough makes one fair point: “The Republican base is in danger of winning the ideological battle while losing the political war.” Maybe, but just doing nothing will change nothing. 

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!