The G7 Impact, All Eyes on Singapore – The G7 Summit concludes in Canada. The big talk was on trade and the focus on tariffs. President Trump attempts to level the playing field but not everybody is buying in. The North Korea Summit was destined to be hostile; and the G7 with Allies was suppose to be friendly-territory. Oddly, it may be the tale of two Summits with entirely different outcomes! Also, the VA MISSION Act was signed this week by the President giving Veterans the option of choices in the private healthcare sector vs just VA facilities. Col Jim Waurishuk and Ilana Freedman bring expert analysis on these top news stories.

Immigration Outrage – Border security – Border Wall, Chain Migration, Visa Lottery, Anchor Baby, Border infiltrators, No More Amnesty —– the list of ‘catchphrases’ goes on and on…and so is our arcane immigration system. As the House attempts to do a two-step with four potential outcomes; Speaker Ryan and Senate Leader McConnell bring a less than stellar vision of what successful immigration policy looks like. Clearly Congress is disconnected from the will of the American people and unable as they are to make a decision, as existing law provides. How do we stop this invasion of America? Dr. Stephen Steinlight and George McClellan deliver an honest and heartfelt debate to listeners that is not to be missed.

IG Report – The significance of the date June 14th…okay it’s Trump’s birthday, yes and it is Flag Day, but more importantly, it is the date of the highly anticipated Inspector General report. How and Who will the report incriminate within the DoJ and the FBI? And what about the Trump Campaign and the calls for further investigations due to spies and government agencies that may have been up to no good? Perhaps we rename the city from Washington D.C. to Investigation D.C.? Ava Armstrong and Col Jim Waurishuk will bring clarity to the murky swamp!

JUNE 10th 10AM EST

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