With every passing day, we get closer to the inevitability that election 2020 will be anything but routine. As more and more states see universal mail-in voting as the answer to people voting in person during these Covid times⏤the possibility of fraud increases. There is great concern that we may not even know the winner or winners until days or weeks after Election Day.

In addition to the Covid Election Day panic, is the unrest in America’s cities. As Lt. Joe points out, we may have missed a very unique opportunity to come together as a people: ‘For once we had an event, the George Floyd death, that brought most people together in agreement. That was horrible and should not have happened. There was a national shock to the consciousness that we could have used to make things better. We had consensus; we saw a clear path pointing to addressing some serious concerns about how we do things as a society. It was a chance that doesn’t come along too often. A tragedy that ignites our hearts to action, all of us. Americans agreed, we needed to listen to each other and make adjustments on what we expect from our law enforcement people, and how we wanted to be policed. We protested together for that change.’

There are countless social media messages crying out for attention, like this one: ‘What you’re saying is this; America is in the death throes. In a few weeks the final nail will be placed in her coffin because democrats will cheat on a massive scale. If for some weird reason Trump manages to win in spite of the cheating, democrats will burn America down.

As you listen to the podcast, be sure to also read the Op-Ed, Then Someone Lit A MatchJoining Malcolm on The Voice of a Nation is Lt. Joe. Lt Joseph Pangaro, retired police lieutenant, Director of School Security and host of Chasing Justice.

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