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Open your mind to the exciting
science of forensic investigations!

The Forensic Psychologist explores the intersection between true crime, human nature and social justice. Hosted by forensic psychologist and private investigator Dr. Joni Johnstonthis show offers a unique criminal psychology perspective to current events and investigates complex issues such as false confessions, serial murder, and the psychology of crime. This show explores real cases and personal stories while investigating societal solutions. Listeners will be both surprised and interested to learn about how real forensic analysis and investigations are conducted, apart from the myths and fallacies presented on CSI TV programs with forensic actors, as opposed to real forensic experts and detectives.


Dr. Joni Johnston is a Forensic Psychologist, private investigator, and crime writer. As a practicing psychologist, she has worked in a medium-maximum security prison, for the Board of Parole, for the Superior Court of San Diego, and as a workplace investigator of misconduct allegations including harassment, discrimination and violence. She currently evaluates mentally disordered offenders up for parole as provides expert testimony in criminal and civil litigation where a forensic psychologist can help shed light on pertinent issues.


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