The Forces of Terror want to Defund Police Forces | Defunding police forces is the new propaganda campaign burning up the airwaves, but is it just smoke and mirrors, or do the forces at work here have a legitimate chance in pulling this off? What kind of a new world approach to policing and keeping communities safe would this look like? How did RACISM play into the Minneapolis killing of George Floyd? Who are the groups behind the terror and rioting across the nation?

Lt. Randy Sutton is a 34 year Law Enforcement veteran retired from the LVPD. Founder of The Wounded Blue, and host of Blue Lives Radio. Dr. Carol Swain is an award-winning political scientist, a former professor of political science and professor of law at Vanderbilt University and host of Be The People.

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The New Racism War and Impact on 2020 Election | Today we see numerous challenges of terror organizations, organizations that want to replace our Republic with a different system using chaos, infiltration; organizations with vast financial resources, rewriting history and teaching the benefits of alternative government, even religious organizations that subscribe to a different systems of laws want to radically modify or replace our government. Who’s behind the violence of the protests across the country this week? Is it any one group, multiple groups or splinter organizations?

Liberty is Freedom with Responsibility | As the story is told and retold – after the Constitutional Convention in 1787, Benjamin Franklin was asked, “Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?” To which Franklin responded: “A republic, if you can keep it.” Chief Justice John Roberts said, On December 31, in a letter accompanying his annual report, Roberts called on federal judges—and everyone else—to invest themselves in the preservation of constitutional democracy. “Each generation, has an obligation to pass on to the next, not only a fully functioning government responsive to the needs of the people, but the tools to understand and improve it.” The Big Question here is, are we taking America for granted? 

Lt. Joseph Pangaro, retired police lieutenant, Director of School Security and host of Chasing Justice. Dr. Baruch Pletner holds advanced degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Business Administration and host of Choose to be Free. Dennis Santiago is an American Strategist, focusing on strategic warfare, asymmetric warfare, arms control and global stability.

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