Women’s leadership in government and policy is at the forefront of global conversations. Now more than ever, women are emerging to sit at critical decision-making tables where they have been noticeably absent in the past. WHY HAVE WOMEN BEEN ABSENT IN THE PAST?

The challenge now is to ensure that progress continues to accelerate toward full gender parity across all aspects of public service leadership – not just national-level elected positions, but also local and appointed roles. WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO ACCELERATE FULL GENDER PARITY?

Although levels of representation vary, data shows that women remain underrepresented across all sectors of government. But perhaps more important than numbers alone is where these women are: is representation spread across different areas of decision-making? WOULD WOMEN MAKE BETTER LEADERS?

If leadership is based on Decisiveness, Directness, Confidence, and Dominance — are these strengths or weaknesses for most women? Can a good and effective leader be compassionate and kind? Is this an area of advantage that women have over men? If so, does that make them more vulnerable as leaders? There have been a series of women protests and marches – Do women marches propel women forward or separate winners from losers?

This remarkable program, LIFE, LIBERTY & THE PURSUIT OF PLEASURE is a groundbreaking show that asks the questions that others only dream of. Each season pulls together TEN AMAZING WOMEN FROM AROUND THE GLOBE. We are in search now over these next two months for the women of Season 3 (launches March 2019). If you know a woman who should be on this program, do forward this information and tell us why to Talk@AmericaOutLoud.com.

Out Co-Hosts for THE FINALE PART ONE: Taz Thornton, Susan Price, Shawna Peters, Gayl Murphy, Sally Fernandez and Barbara McGee.

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