With a mere 48 hours before the 2020 general election, Episode 15 of Viewpoint Presents with Malcolm and Michael Johns returns for a vital pre-election discussion of the Trump and Biden campaigns’ respective schedules for the campaign’s final days and the respective messaging of each candidate. Malcolm and Michael discuss the dangerous threat to the balance of powers should Biden win the presidency and Democrats win the Senate, which would likely lead to the end of the U.S. Senate’s filibuster rule (permitting Democrats to pass legislation in the Senate with a mere 51 vote majority), the expansion of federal courts and appointment of progressive judges likely to discard the Constitution in exchange for judicial activism aligned with the progressive agenda, and the possibility of statehood for both the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, which Democrats believe would grant them four additional Senators and lock their control of the legislative chamber’s upper body. Malcolm and Michael conclude with a contrasting summary of President Trump’s extraordinary first term accomplishments with Biden’s unremarkable but incredibly lengthy 47-year career in the swamp. That contrast is so profound that it seemingly makes the case for President Trump’s reelection overwhelmingly persuasive, and yet this election has all the signs of still being close.

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The presidential candidate who works hardest for the job almost certainly is likely to work hardest on the job. Malcolm and Michael discuss President Trump’s extraordinary final fast paced campaign push leading up to election day on Tuesday, including 14 rallies in seven states in 72 hours. In the first of these rallies in Pennsylvania yesterday, President Trump drew large and enthusiastic crowds. Biden’s schedule, meanwhile, remains amazingly slow paced and his crowds small. Voter enthusiasm matters, Malcolm and Michael contend, and Biden’s candidacy seems to be inspiring none.


Despite many positive signs for President Trump’s reelection in the final days, including polls shifting in his direction in key battleground states like Florida, Georgia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, it is important to consider a worst case scenario: what a Biden victory and Democrats’ winning the Senate would mean for the balance of power in the nation. Such a scenario would almost certainly prove very ominous, permitting Democrats to expand the size of the Supreme Court and federal circuit courts and filling these courts with progressive judges likely to rubber stamp unconstitutional progressive policy initiatives. In the Senate, despite Republicans maintaining the 60-vote filibuster rule during their leadership in the Senate, Democrats appear poised to eliminate it, which would permit them to pass legislation with single vote majorities in the House and Senate. With Democrats able to pass their radical agenda with slim majorities and Biden likely to sign such legislation, the American people may very quickly find themselves in a largely socialist, one party government that does not reflect their real political sentiments. The only way to avoid such a scenario, Malcolm and Michael contend, is to reelect Trump and ensure Republicans are elected in the Senate.


Despite the pandemic, President Trump just registered the fastest growing quarter in American economic history with gross domestic product for the third quarter of 2020 coming in at 33.1 percent with that massive growth almost entirely private sector-driven. It is a very optimistic sign that the economy is on the way back. Prior to the pandemic, President Trump had generated 7.3 million jobs and had American wages growing for the first time since the turn of the century. As promised in his 2016 campaign, he has delivered on getting the U.S. out of counterproductive agreements, such as the Iran agreement and Paris climate agreement. He’s made progress in building the wall on America’s southern border despite Democrats’ opposition. Also as promised, he’s restructured major trade deals such as NAFTA and eliminated ISIS as a terrorist force in Iraq and Syria. And he created half a million manufacturing jobs in three years compared to Obama and Biden’s record of killing 300,000 over their eight years in office. Biden is running on a 47-year record with no major policy accomplishments except his widely criticized crime bill of the 1990s, which led to vast incarceration and lengthy sentences for African-Americans. And now, on top of his failed record, Biden faces credible allegations that he sold his positional authority in foreign policy in exchange for family enrichment from sources in Communist China, Iraq, Russia, and Ukraine, which is now a focus on a growing federal investigation. The case for President Trump’s reelection, Malcolm and Michael conclude, should be self-evident. Yet one major question lingers: With a media fully aligned with Biden’s candidacy, have American voters been able to grasp all these facts and will they show up in sufficient numbers on Tuesday to give the president the 270 electoral votes he needs for reelection? That question may prove the most important one confronting the nation since the Civil War of the 1860s.

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