The voice of the people will soon be heard. The power of the vote will decide America’s fate⏤surely in the short term. Many would argue that it could be a death sentence for freedom in the long term⏤if the majority of Americans choose a socialist path forward that is. Today, on this special Viewpoint This Sunday, as we prepare to celebrate our 3 year anniversary for Viewpoint at America Out Loud⏤we will start with a most interesting panel of ‘we the people’ so that we might get a sense in how people are feeling right at this very moment in time. The fight for America is real⏤and so is our distinguished panel of voices that will share with us their thoughts on this historical political race.

Ken Jones is a retired physician from Oklahoma area who follows Trump and national politics very closely. Sky is a legal immigrant from Iran. She’s all about the constitution and the American Dream and lives in the suburbs of San Francisco. Ed Monette out of Southern, NH is a business consultant and a registered Independent.

Viewpoint This Sunday reports on the stories with the goal of offering a unique perspective that challenges conventional thinking. Welcome to the Premier News Magazine as we celebrate our 4 Year Anniversary here at America Out Loud. Join WE THE PEOPLE to fight back against FAKE NEWS. Rate the show, leave a quick review and subscribe to Viewpoint on Apple Podcasts by clicking here. Your voice for the fight forward – Malcolm.

The Fight for America is front and center in the 2020 election. Many would argue it’s a battle of capitalism and liberty vs. socialism and marxism. Why is part of America infatuated with a socialist ideology? The bigger question is, how many in America find this way of life of value to their own personal lives. The battle for the ‘Soul of the Nation’ is not just a campaign theme⏤even though the Biden campaign is suggesting as such. Joe Biden and the far left movement are trying their damndest to change that soul of America into something none of us will be able to recognize⏤unless you grew up in the Soviet Union, North Korea or Venezuela that is. Do these people who wish to change America, love America? Perhaps their version of Amerika is more soothing to their evil side?!

Actor Director Scott Baio loves America and is ready to defend it. Scott talks about our children, our families and the real dangers of socialism and how this would destroy all that we value. An incredibly interesting exchange with Malcolm on the importance of the Trump Presidency, and the entertainment and media crisis we face as a nation.

Russian Disinformation and Joe Biden | The same people who brought you the Russiagate hoax are trying to cover their crimes by saying that revelations about Joe Biden’s corruption are the product of Russian disinformation. The fraud in the entire process itself – the power of media manipulation and social media censoring, and rogue intelligence agency operatives – they seem to work together in unison to get the desired outcome. Bill Binney is a voice that needs to be heard – out loud style.

William Binney was the former technical director of the World Geopolitical and Military Analysis and Reporting section of the National Security Agency (NSA), where he worked for 30 years.

Join us for Hour 2 with a new episode of VIEWPOINT PRESENTS. The Final 48 Hours, Democrat Wins Would Erode Balance of Power, The Case for Trump – With a mere 48 hours before the 2020 general election, Episode 15 of Viewpoint Presents with Malcolm and Michael Johns returns for a vital pre-election discussion of the Trump and Biden campaigns’ respective schedules for the campaign’s final days and the respective messaging of each candidate.

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