Simple math. Simple conclusion. Right now as you read, thousands of illegals pour over our southern border. 100,000 in one month. 100,00 that were stopped, and three to five times as many that made it through. Month after month, year after year. We are rapidly changing America.

Everyday, I wonder how politicians can let this stand. Everyday, I hear politicians and media deny a crisis. I see the heart-rending results of young lives destroyed by human trafficking. Traffickers who take children and use them as slaves for the pleasure of sick, perverted, self-centered, heartless deviates.

Everyday too many of our sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, moms and dads live a life dependent on drugs. They lose their way and drugs are king, to the exclusion of family and job and their own wellbeing. They die.

Everyday more of our youth are recruited into street gangs or forced into street gangs. These are our children, who become members or die, or who become members and are killed anyway. These are our children who we raised and loved who are terrorizing entire cities. It is the gang mentality courtesy of illegal immigrants who bring their gang mentality with them.

Everyday, I see floods of people crossing into America who are ill and willing to share with any and every one. I see criminals ready and willing to victimize Americans in a hundred different ways. I see terrorist candidates hiding in the masses, waiting a chance to strike Americans.

There are those who come for a better life, they just don’t have the time or respect for our borders and our laws to do it legally. They don’t mind taking the medical benefits, the educational benefits, the housing and welfare and food stamp benefits. When life doesn’t work just right, they don’t mind breaking a law or several to get what they feel entitled to.

I understand why the people flood the borders. I understand why they sell drugs, money is the prize. I understand why gangs beget more gangs.

What I don’t understand is Americans who excuse, deny, support and enable people to enter our country illegally. How does the left look at the faces of young girls prostituted, starved, beaten and broken; their innocence forever lost, and say there is no crisis. If that was their daughter, I promise it would be a crisis. How do candidates double down, like Beto O’Rourke and say they would get rid of all the walls and have open borders.

I don’t understand the bold faced denial about the damage the drugs pouring into our country over the southern border are inflicting on American lives.

The democrats and the media are in dishonest denial about the cost to American lives, families and society caused by the influx of opioids, methamphetamines, heroin and fentanyl. Does it need to touch them personally before they admit this truth?

Presidential candidate Julian Castro calls for the decriminalization of illegal border crossings. He wants to put all Americans at risk, while fleecing our wallets to pay for the millions of illegals we need to educate, feed, house, medicate and incarcerate. We don’t have a choice. They add more and more taxes onto our backs. They make the places we live and work sanctuary cities and states. They allow our streets and public places to fill with homeless and feces and used needles.

While Americans pay the price, the left and the media feed us a steady diet of lies about just who is entering our country, telling us it is needed workers, or asylum seekers, or poor moms and children. To be sure there is that. But would you eat a meal that had only 30% poison in it? What percent of death and taxes is “acceptable?” What percent of risk are our politicians willing to allow all of us US citizens to take? How much are you willing to take, and to pay, and to put up with?

This is irresponsible and reprehensible behavior by those we elect to protect us. Gavin Newsome says that the border is not his problem, but the problem of the federal government. Yet he blocks every effort for the federal government to secure the border, to remove illegal alien criminals, to clean up the disgusting and unhealthy homeless problem, and taxes Californians to pay for all of the costs of his sanctuary state policies. The same for many states and cities across the country.

For our politicians and media to whitewash the border crisis, to say it does not exist, to have done nothing for decades but kick this can down the road for the purpose of filling their own vote coffers is inexcusable. Those politicians are perpetuating the human crisis we have come to and still they do nothing. Americans need to speak up and stop being in denial and drinking the kool aid they are being served by the dishonest political shammers who are selling America down the river. 

The future of America is in jeopardy. Republicans as well as democrats are equally responsible and the one person trying to fix their decade’s old mess is President Trump. We must speak up for the security of our nation and the future of America.

We must get our collective head out of the sand and understand the consequences of not having a secure border. We must not vote anyone into any office; local, state, federal, that is for open borders or will not stand for the security of our country, our children and our very way of life. We must not stand by while liars with a perverse political agenda cause irreparable harm to our American future.