The Nevada Democrat debate settled the issue decisively last night, Trump won! Elizabeth Warren found her voice, not to advance her tepid candidacy but to eviscerate the village idiot Mike Bloomberg, and knock this campaign into a ditch. It was the Titanic and the Hindenburg disasters combined in one thrilling show of Democrat candidate ineptitude. 

The hapless Bloomberg, totally unprepared for his role as a punching bag should have seen it coming and have been prepared for it. Warren challenged him immediately about his many NDA’s (non disclosure agreements) with offended women. Fair enough, but he failed to slap back by reminding viewers that Warren lied to get into Harvard on a native people’s program, lied about a pregnancy to get a teaching position and lies just about every time she opens her mouth. But alas, even billionaires like Bloomberg must have missed opportunities to deplore.

The DNC changed their rules to allow Bloomberg to compete on the debate stage. He is a billionaire after all and could help finance the DNC’s decrepit financial position. But were the rule changes worth it and why?

The remnants of the old Democrat Party will not accept a Bernie Sanders candidacy without a fight. It will be a decisive fight, to the death (the party’s) because if he wins the delegates and is still knocked out by some DNC super delegate scheme at the DNC Convention, all hell will break loose and the Democrat Party is finished.

The Communist see in Bernie their one opportunity to seize control of America. Bernie is on fire and the DNC has lost control of their machine because the socialist leaning millennials are all in for Bernie. 

For Mike, no amount of explantation about his mayoralty record, his corporations, his employee relations skills or his amassed wealth doing good for the community will assuage what was said on that debate stage last night. Elizabeth Warren drove the knife into Mike B’s back right up to the hilt. 

Mike went down like the Hindenburg last night proving that money can’t buy everything. In defense of his wealth argument, Bloomberg shamelessly claimed that he earned his wealth honestly by hard work and perseverance. But did he?

A revealing report show that Bloomberg’s News Corporation was once seriously prying into the deep, dark workings of the Peoples Republic of China, until they realized the danger and bought him off. Bloomberg took their money and ran and no more news about China’s perfidies! That’s how international politics is done. That’s how to account for Mike’s hard earned wealth.

But, enough of Mike Bloomberg. He’s toast! The real fun starts soon because crazy Bernie Sanders, who Bloomberg by reference, called a “Communist,” is the delegate leader. This has thrown the DNC into a panic while Donald Trump, at his rally in nearby Phoenix, Arizona, mocks the Democrats for exactly what they are, inept, laughable and unqualified.   

The coming Trump campaign is a necessary move for the preservation of his Keep America Great program. Conservative Americans must become active at all levels to help him. Trump is the new conservative party while Bernie Sanders is the true face of Democrat Socialism. Trump should easily shred it. It only remains to see who, of the feckless GOP politicians still hanging around, will join him in his quest to keep America, as the metaphor goes, the “shining city on the hill.”

By the way where was Quid Pro Joe? Was he there last night? Or the sodomite from South Bend. He was a mayor too. Doesn’t his experience count? And Amy, was she there too?

The Democrats Don’t Know Who They Are

Donald Trump has endured over three years of contempt and obloquy from the dangerous stable of leftist clowns desperately trying to reverse the outcome of the 2016 election and prevent the President’s inevitable re-election in 2020. What do they offer but a political philosophy that won’t work, has never worked and will never work. They might have first seriously considered the idea that running a candidate like Clinton who was under investigation by the FBI, even if the fix was in, might not have been a good idea.

In parade behind the Progressive Democrat leadership is a voter field awash with confused souls, the only focus of their existence being what government can give them so long as it’s free, ie.: Socialism. I despair for our country whose citizens have no idea how to survive in a crisis; of weak people who cling to the belief that empty store shelves will quickly be refilled by the loser leadership bearers like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren who fancy themselves leading America out of Trump’s wilderness of despair into the realism of true socialism. 

Even now, weeks after Trump’s Senate acquittal the “tres amigos” of the impeachment scam still cling to the hope that the Senate will come to its senses, reverse itself and join with Utah RINO Mitt Romney to convict the President of his wicked crimes after all.

It would be the vindication of their paranoia. They would go crazy with glee. But, alas, in despair, Pelosi desperately try’s to connivence Americans that Trump is “not acquitted, he’s branded as impeached forever.” Hum.

Further adding to their frustration, the Iowa Caucus’s debacle revealed the Democrat’s real organizational skills, the same ineptitude that brought us Obamacare, the Green revolution, investment collapse, and the Fast and Furious scheme, among other unaddressed outrages. The New Hampshire primaries, overrated as they are, has at least driven two or three ‘wannabe’s’ from the field, including the blond Indian Squaw with the high cheekbones who came in next to dead last. She apparently doesn’t know it yet, but color her gone. 

In desperation and fear, the cabal that runs the DNC, realizing that avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders may indeed carry the Democrat banner in November, and yet loath to attack him because he’s running on the Democrat ticket, and winning, desperately supports good ol’ quid pro Joe Biden, twice Obama’s VP, as their great hope to defeat Bernie and then Donald Trump.

Bumbling Joe’s, Marx Brothers like campaign performance, insulting his constituents, revealing his Senior memory moments and his inability to explain how his son’s position on an energy board in a foreign country wasn’t because of Joes’ position as VP, came to a screeching halt in New Hampshire. Indian squaw Warren, was next to last. Joe was last!

It’s desperation time. Amy Klobuchar, who came in third in New Hampshire was the only candidate who expressed any fear at all of a Socialist President of the United States. Who is Klobuchar anyway? First she has a questionable work history as a county prosecutor in her home state of Minnesota. Their must be some issues with Klobuchar because even Joy Behar of the “The View,” went after her viciously.

That raises another point

There are two classes of educated people who should be excluded from running for President. US Senators and Prosecutors. Politically motivated prosecutors, graduates from progressive law schools, often successfully run for Senator. Their next step, the Presidency. In today’s politically correct arena of the demand for cultural Marxism, these people automatically become a hidden danger. Amy Klobuchar said: “Hello, America. I’m Amy Klobuchar, and I’ll beat Donald Trump,” She fits this model. Color her gone too!

The Democrats really don’t know who they are. And the most stupid campaign idea I’ve heard yet is the Bloomberg’s idea that he could defeat Trump if Hillary Clinton was his VP running mate. Think about that for a minute. She’s still being investigated by the FBI. I read that Bloomberg’s life insurance company would drop him if that happened, he said with a snicker!  

We’re surrounded by multiple dangers to our Constitutional form of government and yet they still come to us disguised as well meaning politicians promising to aid the little children, the poor and destitute and the chemically challenged homeless.

But, never to aid the innocent victims of street crimes or the taxpayers who strive to live within the law, yet can’t because it would violate one of their forbidden phobia’s to resist their good works.

The Democrats don’t know who they are but, be assured, their identity lesson is coming soon.

The fake media hoopla surrounding the Democrat New Hampshire primary ignored the real story in that state, Trump swamped the Republican primary immediately the polls closed. He was a runaway for the nomination. There were more people at his one rally there than all the Democrats who turned out for all their primary’s so far. That can’t be ignored.

So, what’s the take away? Democrats shouldn’t take New Hampshire for granted or Iowa or South Caroline or Nevada, or any place for that matter. The polls got it wrong on Hillary, and they’ll get it wrong for the political prognosticators again. Want to see a real poll? Just watch Trump’s rallies, like the one this week in Las Vegas. There’s where the real truth lies.

Remember, Freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!