How quickly issues have changed, but the remedies have not. The China Virus business is almost a non-issue in the news, and the crimes charged against General Flynn are disappearing beneath the waves, while justice for the perpetrators is as well, as Democrats now try to charge the rioting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and elsewhere, to President Trump’s malfeasance, the only remedy of which can be his removal and put them in charge. 

The unfortunate death of arrestee George Floyd, a black man in police custody has raised several important legal and social issues that will beleaguer us forever. First, the issue of the man’s death at police hands, and why. A video appears to show a police officers knee on the man’s neck as he lay supine on the pavement gasping for breath. The disquieting video does show the deed but not the causation. There has to be more to the story then revealed by that short video. 

Logically, we should let justice prevail, but now it’s too late because the radical elements of society, always lurking just beneath the surface of social cohesion, have swarmed out of their holes to burn, loot and destroy, as an excuse to “honor” George Floyd. Nearly 70% of Minneapolis urban dwellers apparently, have now completed their Christmas shopping.

The more important issue is the status of Law and Order. If the police are ordered by their Blue State leaders to abandon their stations to the cultural rioters, then who is going to patrol the streets and protect the other citizens? 

We also know that the sudden outbursts of violent street rage on a perceived notion of police injustice against a black person, are fueled by outside agitators whose only reason to exist is to foment social change through violent misbehavior. They agitate and feed the rioting while screaming injustice at police hands. 

This effort is understood by students of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the purpose of which is to destroy the authority of local police; an important step in the advancement of Blue State fascism. We are witnessing this transformation on the streets of Blue State cities right this very minute as they go up in smoke. The police response: let ’em do it!   

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said: “There is no honor in burning down your city.” My response to him is: “there is no honor in letting it happen!” As a Blue Stater, he’s part of the problem. Minneapolis Police apparently confronted bussed in agitators on the first day and ordered the drivers to take their loads of protesters back to their point of origin. The drivers refused and the streets quickly filled with hoards of non-resident protesters, including demonstrators who are Antifa’s and Black Lives Matter.

Protestors demonstrate outside of a burning Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct. AP

What is painful here is that the media immediately assumes the worst about the offending police officers by digging up data that the officers have a history of complaints. That of course is not evidence, but only proves that the police officers were doing their duty and some criminal who didn’t like it made a complaint against them. In every case, these officers were exonerated by internal investigations but, even that is viewed by the criminal set as a cover-up of police injustice.

It doesn’t help that the FBI itself descended into crass criminality to protect another black criminal, Barack Obama. How can they be considered fair in approaching this incident as a violation of a civil rights crime?

Also missed by all but the camera lens’s of the rioting, were women in islamic garb, Hijabs, and Somalis’s most likely as they represent the largest concentration of muslims outside of Dearborn, Michigan in America. That’s a taboo subject not to be discussed. Somalis’s were brought here enmasse during Obama’s two terms. They have absolutely no idea of what America really is, or was but apparently, they’re learning,  

America is at an important threshold of what constitutes real safety on our streets. Blue State politicians have demonstrated a total lack of leadership and their regimes should face, extinction.

What if certified police officers in Minneapolis, New York or Atlanta Police Departments, feeling that because they are not supported by their Liberal leadership, quit enmasse? Who would fill the void of daily calls for assistance? The streets would soon descend into chaos and anarchy, like south side of Chicago has become, run by criminal gangs. There would be no one left to oppose the blanket of crime that would quickly descend over a city abandoned by its police except vigilantism.

We have watched and did nothing over the past fifty years, as the Progressives denigrated American values of church and family, truth, justice and the American way, while introducing new norms of sexual perversion, drug use and changed definitions of what is right and wrong.

Since the 1960s, we have seen our urban city brothers, behave just as we have come to expect them to behave, by turning to rioting, looting and arson to make their point⏤instead of joining forces to make their cities better. 

America cannot heal so long as the politicians of the extreme Left, the Progressive/Marxists, are left in control of cities and states and are sent to Congress by voters content to let government provide for them. We have a long struggle ahead of us and it won’t be pretty.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the only way. Now, go get ’em!