The Democrat party has gone all in for stupid, as in vigorously promoting socialism for America that we can already see disintegrating right before our eyes in Venezuela. They are still hell bent on “change we can believe in,” using radicalism as their tool. America’s growing economy, it’s low unemployment levels, new job hirings and lower tax rates are denied by the radical Democrats. They can’t come to grips with it because the new Democrats, like AOC, have never experienced the robust economy that capitalism brings. The words that fall from Comrade AOC’s lips are evidence enough to show the differences. What do they want? Socialism!!!!

For New York State’s hand-clapping Democrat politicians, radicals all, comforted by their new law that legitimize’s murdering new born babies. The horror of that was followed by the Democrat VA Governor, a medical doctor, explaining in detail how it’s done. Now, the commonwealth of Mass. wants to follow their brethren radicals in doing the same thing. I even hear a couple other states on the east coast have indicated a desire to be baby murderers.

Comrade Ocasio-Cortez, who launched a millennial version of the Communist Manifesto in her idiotic Green New Deal scheme, is blamed for Amazon pulling out of its New York deal to establish a second Hq. there. To be fair, Comrade AOC might be the face that launched a thousand stupid ideas, but Amazon’s leaving NYC was not one of them. She was a cheerleader of course, but It was in fact, an unimportant local NYC socialist radical politician who had veto power over site selection, who chose to exercise that power, and did just that.

Disgusted, Amazon said “Adios” and with the snap of the fingers, thousands of potential jobs were lost, the potential billions in lost taxes by company and employee income, vanished in an instant and there sits NYC Mayor De Blasio and NY’s Governor Cuomo, wondering what just happened. Taxpayers are fleeing NY and they still allowed radicals to reconfigure the tax base.

The bright light of Socialism is blinding. It attracts only moths, bugs and millennials. We see further evidence of this with the line-up of new Democrat presidential hopefuls hedging their bets on promoting AOC’s Green schemes to other than their like minded audiences. New York, like California, is full of ‘em so, we might be in trouble.

What makes the Democrats look like the stupid party they are becoming is that their socialist expectations are being ridiculed by President Trump who is far more skillful as a communicator than any of them are. Democrat talking heads who rush to a microphone to warn Trump and Republicans not to do what their going to do, are delusional. Trumps base revels in his political attacks, his personal ridicule, and his unfiltered comments. His style of pushing his agenda is unknown to them and they are left flummoxed by the experience.

Potential socialist aspirant to the Presidency, Sen. Cory Booker, and Kamala Harris for that matter, claim “the economy is not working for working people.” Booker claims the nation needs to change course so “parents can put food on the table” and, “no one is left behind.” The Democrats simply cannot, and will not, admit the inconvenient truth that Trump’s economic policies are in fact, benefitting America’s working people and, their ideas did not.

We can’t stop there, Comrade Cortez’s Green New Deal, is itself a grand hoax that seventy Democrats signed unto before reading it. They didn’t need to read it because its purpose is clear: this hoax targets their progressive base to Get Out the Vote. Like Obama’s affordable Health Care fiasco, no one asked how it was going to work. It was simply said: “We have to vote on it to see what’s in it.” Unfortunately, silly AOC exposed her scheme’s contents before voting and the whole world is laughing. “It was taken out of context.” No, it wasn’t. Speech can be taken out of context, not the printed word. AOC has to own it as do the seventy odd Democrats who signed on to it immediately it was made public. That’s the party of Stupid in full flower.

Consider, if Democrats today are voting to murder babies and want the rest of us to believe its a good thing to do, then, should gain ultimate power being as radical as they have become, what will stop them from shooting protesters down on the streets of America, as all totalitarian regimes do when they feel threatened? Once again, we need look no further than Venezuela.

If they gain that power, they will try to disarm us. But, It won’t work. It isn’t prudent!

We have already seen masked, black clad radicals on the streets pf Portland, Oregon assuming they can dictate to passing motorists where they must drive simply because they say so while no police are in the area having been ordered by their Radical Mayor police commissioner, a full fledged Bolshevik, to stand down.

Decent people and tourists are fleeing these enclaves of Socialist dementia, like New York and San Francisco because radical socialism tolerates the worst in people and protects them from any hint of morality from an outraged society. One day, that outrage will boil over.

Here’s a final idea. Instead of murdering new born babies who should replenish the worker base of our society and eliminate the need of importing third world laborers, let’s gather up the drug and alcohol besotted cretins that sprawl on the streets of San Francisco and other cities, and abort them. Nobody would care, there would be no economic loss to society, except the savings not wasted on their welfare, and the streets of our cities could become sanitized and clean again and good order and discipline would return to a safe and moral society.

We can thank the Alexander Ocasio-Cortez’s of America, well, let’s admit it, the Democrat Party, for bringing our nation down to a new disgusting low. What’s left? We can only go up. Image: Hugo Phan, KMUW.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!