Are you one of those people who still believe things are going to get better? Are you holding out for one more paycheck? One more bail out? One more…?

It seems there are millions more who think the same way. They think if they just wait one more day things will turn around. Or, if they can hold out until we get this person out of office, the world will be different. 

The problem is no one knows what the world would be like if we had a different president or a different community leader or a different anything for that matter. Are we using the “Things will get better” philosophy to justify not doing anything differently?

The cornerstone of every great endeavor is when we become the catalyst for change; rather than our sitting by with thoughts of someone else doing it for us we energize a movement to get it done.

God has graced us with so much power that if and when we use it, we will be blown away by our own genius! You are a magnificent creation with power to transform not only your life, but the lives of those around you.

Things do not just change, they change because someone dares to step out of the boat and walk on water. They change because David would dare think he could take off Goliath’s head. Things change when men like Solomon pray. They change when the men and women who move pass the past and birth new ideas and inventions. Things change because we realize it is our responsibility to make a change.

With marches on Capitol Hill, fears of both internal and external terrorism, Black Lives Matter, KKK, #Metoo, Political, Religious and Celebrity Sexual Predators, Human Trafficking, Amber Alerts, and the evening news spewing out emotional and mental toxins, it is not surprising most people are ready to give up on the idea of things getting better. 

Yet, in the background plays the sound of hope that is rising from every continent. It is the sound that resonates deeply within our core. It is the sound that this is not all there is to life and what we hear on the outside has nothing to do with what is going on, on the inside. We have been distracted far too long with long media reports leaving us more distant and divided than united.

The sound is familiar and yielding to silent voices. It is altogether the wisdom of the ages. It is the truth that makes us free. There is a sound that is louder than the evening news. There is a sound louder than poverty and distress. There is a sound louder than riots and bigotry. It is the sound of America Out Loud. 

The sound pierces the darkness and allows the light of human decency and common sense to spring forth. It is the sound that allows me to be me. Not the me that the world created, but the one God ordained and sanctioned. It is the sound that marks the creation of a new era in humanity. One that exposes and often stills the tyranny of political agendas.  

It is not as subdued as some would hope or as religious as others would propose. Yet, its’ presence is undeniable. What or who would have thought there would come a day that the systems of this world would surrender to nothingness.

I am not shaken over the news because I have known all along it was fake. The only reality we have is the one we create from within. 

Looking deeper inside of your soul, and seeing the vision God has for you, will raise your energy and your presence to a level that will astound you. You will never again sit alongside the road, wondering about your future or fearing the ghosts of your past. 

You are the fire kindled in the cold midnights of the world’s chaos and confusion. You are the better half and the support system rolled up in one. You are what makes everything else works. The world needs you. It needs your voice, your presence and your ideas. The world needs the peace you bring and the pleasure you give.

Never again underestimate yourself. Never again wait on Washington, a Movement or a Cause for looking in the mirror staring back at you will be the “Thing” called Getting Better. You are Getting Better. Your life is getting better. The world is not lost. The Hand that designed this world is still here reshaping, remolding, remaking it all for it is getting better.