The incredible rush by the “Establishment,” and I mean the corrupted “elites” composed of both the Marxist Democrats and enough useless Republicans to be dangerous, to rid themselves of their Nemesis Donald Trump, is short of breathtaking. ‘Quick, now, we’ve got to destroy him before he wakes up!’

It’s like The Beaten Housewife Theory. The continuous media lies about what Trump said instead of what we see and hear confirms the sorry truths of why abused women (think many Americans) stay with their abusive husbands (think the MSM). It’s because they are weak, have been fed with empty promises for so many years, occasionally gifted with a nice treat like a free cell phone, minimal free medical care, etc., that the occasional beating doesn’t matter anymore. To abandon that wonderful socialist cornucopia of free goodies would be like cutting your own cord and floating off into deep space. 

To nearly all information sources, at least those still allowed to operate without censure, Trump is evil incarnate and must be removed forthwith before he does more damage to their corrupt but still collapsing evil empire. We are now facing a China-controlled corporate America, no longer a democratic republic. We’ve fumbled it away! Many of our children have been indoctrinated into Marxist theory, trained to hate America, and are pushing that very narrative.

In 2016, seventy-five million Americans voted for Trump to be our President. Not because he was presidential but because he wasn’t, and those millions stayed with him all the way to November 5th, 2020, only to witness the greatest theft in American History.

Trump supporters are now under rabid attack lest Trump should pull some miracle out of his hat and stay. Trump needs all his supporters to be engaged to stop this greatest election theft in history from succeeding.

Mounds of evidence, videos, affidavits, and witnesses, confirm the theft, even as our courts decline to review it. The mainstream media abusers claim that all is baseless nonsense without foundation. Letters to the editor and call-in complaints to radio programs voicing your outrage may overcome the beatings if everyone does it.

Our email system has not yet been closed down because of contending conservatives opinions. Use it! Also, call and email every state legislator, every member of Congress, every governor, every elected official you can and demand answers to why they allow this theft to take place and demand that the 2020 election be corrected. The presidency does belong to the rightful winner by a landslide, Donald J. Trump, and we expect him to fill it for four more years. Why do they refuse? They fear their own censure, and they fear chaos! It’s coming anyway! 

Of course, the major problem is that we’re dealing with social media outlets that have become our self-appointed censors while continuing to feed us threats and crackpot conspiracy theories over which we fret and mumble and waste our time, and time is running out.

We’re in a battle between good and evil. A great line from the movie “Usual Suspects” was: “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince people he didn’t exist.”

Don’t doubt that the good wins in the end, but consider Ronald Reagan’s advice: Trust but verify! We are on the very cusp of a civil war. If that’s so, be assured there will be a lot of death and destruction because the Establishment is the criminal.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!