Americans are so confounded by whose truths we should accept that we miss the clearer picture, like not seeing the forest for the trees! Truth, or lies, is what power and control are based on but works only when it supports your own ideology and, if you have enough policemen to enforce it⏤if their’s any descent. If the propaganda machine Democrats have so carefully crafted over the decades fails to produce the intended outcome, ie: acceptance of their “Truth,” then in the political arena, the Left must turn to violence to distract us, as we see happening now!

The Hunter Biden Laptop business, an unclaimed device left for repair, supposedly by the son of the former Vice President of the US, allegedly contains a potential trove of criminal evidence against the “elites,” serving under the pretext of government business, yet it’s simply brushed aside by the Left media as another Russian attack against their candidate, Joe Biden.

Another attack? I don’t believe there was a first one that wasn’t invented by Hillary Clinton and that one still awaits adjudication. We cannot forget that there are truly two systems of justice in the DC swamp. 

Why does the once trusted American media go to such lengths to protect the coming evil of Socialism and it proponents? What’s in it for them? Why do they twist, ignore or condemn as salacious lies, the truth as we know it? Once again, whose truth?

Our cities are under siege by fascists and are protected by the media. Our police are under siege, even murdered by these cretins and the media justifies it as peaceful rallies against injustice. Are we to be witness to the end of America as it was if Democrats win this November election? I think we are! 

Will Socialism replace Representative government? Will the Constitution be what the new crop of political leaders say it is, and will the world spin out of control because America will no longer be there to offer any hope to mankind for a better life? Could be! So, what will we have?

Socialism, as we know is the formula for sloth and idleness, lack of production, lack of growth, empty shelves (especially food) and inflated prices for items no longer available, leading to starvation, poverty and despair. Presently, Venezuela fits that model. Cuba has already hit bottom and can go nowhere but up, but without a prosperous America, “Up” is way out of sight!

Those who know economics have long known that Marxism and Fascism are both really Socialists economic theories with the idea that if the State provides everybody should live happily together; no one better off than the other, each member of the group contributing their best talent to support the whole.

Marx said it: “From you according to your abilities, to you according to your needs.” 

Somewhere not mentioned in that philosophy, is the singular fact that the ‘somebody,’ will it be Biden and Harris, Pelosi and AOC, who will pick who gets what and who provides what, if the Democrats win this election. Conservatism will be dead!

Human beings have different needs and traditional Marxist ideas adopted in the 1920s and changed to fit modern post war (WW1) advancements, became the main subject of a new theory that focused on shaping culture with other social theories to change the way people think; ie: multiculturalism, diversity, LBGTQ rights, open borders, same sex marriages, and BLM theories that permit looting and arson as retribution for supposed past white crimes. 

Americans have been unsuspecting victims of this assault for decades and now it’s coming to fruition as the default ideology of our elites! And some of our elites, like the Biden’s, are making millions of dollars from it. To save America, we gotta to keep Trump!  

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!