The Emotional Roller Coaster of Lyme [a case study]

Ask anyone who has experienced Lyme firsthand, and they’ll tell you that ‘Lyme Recovery’ is a long arduous one. What makes it even longer – is that it can be years and years before you know with any certainty that you have Lyme. For many people, the diagnosis can actually be the most frustrating part of the journey. Today you’ll meet a woman named Kimberly Williams who understands this more than anyone. She found herself and her family on the emotional roller coaster of lyme disease.

It has been said that people with Lyme disease, “Don’t fake being sick, they fake being well.”

People with chronic Lyme are often called hypochondriacs and told they need to see a psychiatrist. They sometimes have pain that lasts for months, and even years.

Kimberly Williams struggled for four years to get her daughter well. Her daughter had some very unusual symptoms and problems that baffled many of the doctors they saw. At one point she was told that her daughter was going blind. She went from thinking that her daughter was faking being sick to thinking she might have schizophrenia and would have to be put in a mental hospital. The emotional roller coaster this mother went through would challenge even the toughest of parents.

It takes an abundance of patience and love to take care of a chronic Lyme patient. Kimberly will tell us her harrowing story and how she and her family reached the summit!

NEVER give up as long as there is life, there is hope!