America is being overrun by a virus that has been multiplying silently for years and is spread in our institutions of higher learning, and media newsrooms and in the halls of Congresses across the country. The virus can go by many names; socialism, radical left, new progressive, progressive left, entitlements, fake news purveyors, Antifa, Open Society, Marxism, and the Green New Deal.

If you are feeling out of sorts? Having trouble sleeping? Acid indigestion, tummy distress, vague feelings of doom? I have the perfect elixir for you. It’s easy to get, costs nothing, but a little bit of time. Your life can depend on it.

It’s called GI, it is available to everyone, but you have to go get it. Before I tell you the name of the elixir, let’s discuss the origin of your symptoms so we can better understand the epidemic sweeping over American citizens. The cost of not controlling this virus is huge. It is the loss of freedom. It is the loss of American Values. It is the diminishment of God. It is the permanent loss of our American Constitution and our American way of life. It is the loss of Capitalism, in favor of socialism; the loss of innovation, the loss of reward for work, the loss of incentive to succeed. It will take your income and distribute it amongst the masses. It will replace your healthcare with a single payer system where the government will determine if and when you receive healthcare. Healthcare quality will suffer, wait times will be intolerable and deadly.

The disease seeks to take your car and your means of travel, to give you what means the government chooses you should have to take care of your life needs. The virus seeks to control your energy, eliminating fossil fuels and relegating you to wind and solar energy, ignoring the fact that this cannot power our country, our businesses and hospitals and heating needs.

This invasive cancer seeks to remove our cattle, deciding what you will eat. Cattle has been an integral part of human existence and our food chain forever.

This pathogen seeks to open our borders to illegal immigrants to ensure the vote will forever keep the virus active, bringing in deadly opioids, methamphetamines, and fentanyl further destroying the lives of American families. Unskilled and uneducated illegals, terrorists, gang members, will flow into America and the epidemic will be unstoppable and irreversible.

This epidemic will cost Americans so many jobs, the destruction of our airlines, travel, car and truck manufacturers and healthcare. The virus seeks to control our lives, our incomes, the information we receive, and our freedoms. It will destroy the American Dream, American innovation, American Christianity, American families, the rule of law, and plunge us into a Venezuela-like downward spiral.

Those that spread this deadly virus do so under the false promise of salvation. Accept this virus, and life will be better for everyone they say.

Don’t believe a word. Believing the lie will cost us all. But hope is here, the cure is here, and within easy reach. This virus, this pox on America can be eliminated and it starts with my elixir, GI.


Stand up and say enough is enough. Support those that are fighting for America. Support our President. Learn, read and understand for whom you are voting and stop blindly voting to keep these parasites in power, at all levels of government. Get rid of those that want to bring socialism to America, those that espouse ant-Semitism, those that want to take from you and give to those that choose to be parasites to society, those who want to remove God from America, those who want to control your ability to obtain healthcare, to remove your incentive to succeed. Don’t accept the fake and biased media. We must GET INVOLVED now. This virus can be controlled, even eliminated. Lift the fog from that shining city on the hill before it becomes our graveyard.

Get involved and think hard before you vote for those that would control your life, support our enemies, support harming America, serve to feather their nests instead of America’s greatness, open our borders to illegal immigration.

Get involved now. It is time for a “civil” civil war on those who would forever change America. Time for a peaceful revolution, before we die and don’t even know we were sick. We are on the path to becoming a second world country and losing our American way of life, or values, our American Dream.

The elixir is free for the taking, and it will save all of us and America. Give the elixir to 10 friends and speed our recovery and hope for our future and the futures of generations to come. Give up the kool-aid laced with the virus of entitlements, and share the elixir to save our country.

GI is the answer. GET INVOLVED.