The Edge of the Precipice

With a presidential election just weeks away, America stands on the edge of the precipice. The outcome of this election will have profound repercussions for the next four or eight years – and for decades to come. While presidents come and go, Supreme Court Justices are there for life. It’s important that American voters are educated before they go to the polls this November.

OPSEC Radio host Jamie Williamson, a retired Special Forces Colonel, and cohost DW, a former CIA Operations Officer and counterterrorism expert, discuss a wide variety of national security topics from Edward Snowden’s disclosure of America’s secrets to Wikileaks to Hillary Clinton’s ‘extremely careless’ handling of classified information. Get the real story from two national security experts as they discuss how to Keep America Safe.

Jamie Williamson, OPSEC Cofounder & President: Jamie is a retired Army Special Forces colonel with over 33 years of service. He is a combat veteran and has served in Iraq, the Balkans, and Afghanistan with various command and staff assignments in the infantry and in Special Operations. He is currently a small business owner.

DW, Former CIA Case Officer: DW was an Intelligence and Counterterrorism Officer with the CIA and the Department of Defense – with a focus on technical and human intelligence collection activities, as well as counterterrorism operations in Eastern and Western Europe, and the Middle East.

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