By Dr. Jay Lehr and Dr. Joel Glass – 

The climate crusade, promoting a world-wide delusion for which there exists not a shred of physical evidence, is again using children. These children are being used as ‘human shields’ for the evil doers of our day. Today’s crusade is built on fear and brainwashing children, sending them to the front with protest signs.

3500 years ago, there was also a climate-related group which took advantage of children. Called “Baal,” it was wide-spread in the Middle East where it was based on climate related to food production.

At the center of Baal was the human sacrifice of children to supposedly achieve some change in the weather.

If there was not enough rain, bring more children
Too much rain, bring more children
Too hot, more children
Too cold, more children

The dreadful people engaged in this practice were chased out of the Middle East by the Israelites, who settled in the area with Moses and Joshua. This was generally accomplished by a leader of Israel calling all the priests of Baal to a large meeting in the Baal sacrificial area and then sending in the military to eliminate them.

It also involved prophets such as Elijah, who demonstrated that Baal was not a spiritual entity, and had the people take the priests of Baal into the Kedron Valley and stone them.

Fast forward to today, where we use elections to deal with such matters.

Consider the example of 16-year old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg sailing across the Atlantic (with two professional skippers, her father, and a documentary filmmaker) to the Americas in what she dubs a zero-carbon yacht. Thunberg hopes to appear at the Climate Action summit in New York on September 21-23 as well as the United Nations climate conference in Chile in December.

The yacht Thunberg is using is far from zero-carbon, however. It’s made from high-tech carbon fiber and related materials. In addition, the energy used in its raw materials and production, molding, and construction is substantial.

In addition, there will be five international air flights related to the voyage, because the crew will fly back to Europe after the voyage. All told, it has a massive carbon footprint. It’s indicative of the fraud rampant in the climate change movement. This is not the Mayflower.

Thunberg is being brought in to help the flagging US climate delusion movement and to recruit more naive children into its ranks.

There is little difference between this activity and the Hitler Youth, who were known for widespread inculcation of German children. Its members were viewed as “ensuring the future of Nazi Germany and were indoctrinated in Nazi ideology.”

Education and training programs for the Hitler Youth were designed to undermine traditional German society, invoke fear, and enable its members to become faithful foot soldiers. They appropriated traditional organizations like the Boy Scouts movement, church groups, and other social groups. Sacrifice for the cause was inculcated into their training.

Fast-forward to today’s youth, where mass hysteria is focused on mobilizing children who haven’t learned to think critically or how to analyze our complicated climate. They use soundbites that are meant to silence and fit on a protest poster.

How do you reason with a child holding a sign that says, “There is no Planet B!”? Or that sea levels are rising (which has happening since the end of the last glaciation)? Try explaining to a child holding a picture of a polar bear that asks, “What Will You Do To Save Me?” that the Arctic animal is thriving and flourishing despite less sea ice.

These child-destructive movements have one thing in common. They are all based on lies.

While Thunberg at first appeared as a well-meaning child, she seems to be morphing into an inflexible robot. She seems to think she knows something about everything. She appears to stew in cold anger, puzzled as to why everyone else is so hopelessly stupid.

In other words, she’s the model person for the recruitment of more American children into the climate fraud movement.

There are many similarities to those who followed Baal and totalitarian movements. It’s the sacrifice of children for power or politics. Of course, it produces harm to children in their personal growth and harm for the future of the country by creating division and strife over nothing.

And when we say “nothing” we really mean it. The following diagrams show where carbon dioxide (CO2) fits into our planet’s greenhouse gases and atmospheric molecules. 

The first figure shows that man’s contribution to the planet’s heat trapping greenhouse gases is less than one percent of all atmosphere’s greenhouse gases. The second chart shows that all carbon dioxide, from both natural and human sources, makes up a paltry four ten thousandths (only a quarter of that is from human sources) of all the molecules in our atmosphere. Seriously, do you think these inconsequential amounts of carbon dioxide could control the thermostat of our planet? Of course not.

It is absurd, but the climate delusion continues.

In addition, sea levels are not currently rising beyond a few centimeters per century. Below are but three of many sea level gauges from different parts of the world maintained by our own National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency which illustrate this point.

A new study demonstrates that the 76 best sea level tide gauges in the world (i.e., at least 100 years of data and no data quality issues) show negligible acceleration. London, UK-based Principia Scientific International (PSI) reported in June, “The average rate of sea level rise for these 76 global-scale tide gauges is just 0.337 millimeters per year (mm/yr.), and the acceleration is a ‘negligible’ 0.007 mm/yr².

It is time to put an end to the children’s crusade to advance the man-caused climate change delusion. The Baal movement which sacrificed children for climate purposes vanished 3,500 years ago. It’s time for the CO2 global warming movement to vanish as well.…..

Dr. Joel Glass is an engineer working in the field of infrastructure for ultra-cold climate environments. His new book, ICE AGE … 2025: HOW TO PREPARE AMERICA AND YOUR FAMILY, is recommended by Dr. Jay Lehr., who is the Senior Policy Analyst for the International Climate Science Coalition.