The 2020 Elections will go down as the most corrupt in American history. If the Democrats prevail, America will have lost its soul.

The rumblings of corruption within the Democrat Party began long before the faulty election of 2020.

They began before the Mueller investigation into the Russia-Russia scandal (which Trump was not charged) and the impeachment hearings (where he was also not charged). They began before Joe Biden bragged on an open mic that he had extorted the Ukraine government when he was Vice President in order to protect his son. And they began before Hillary Clinton’s scandal with her misuse of her personal cellphones and the deletion of at least 30,000 government e-mails. 

They began even before the failure of Obama and Clinton to protect our citizens in Benghazi when four Americans were murdered in a night-long terrorist attack on their compounds. 

And they began before the shady activities of the Obama administration in connection with the Fast and Furious campaign that ‘walked’ guns into the hands of Mexican cartels. 

The truth is, the corruption in the Democrat Party has been going on for a very long time. But it has never been worse or uglier or more blatant than it is right now.

The preparation, the distribution, and the counting of ballots in largely Democrat precincts have been flawed, fraudulent, and downright illegal from the beginning of this election cycle.

In a September study, Judicial Watch reported that in 353 U.S. counties in 29 states, there are 1.8 million more registered voters than there are eligible voters. They call these ‘ghost voters’. It also found that there are eight states in which voter registration rates are more than 100% of the number of eligible voters.

So let’s start in Nevada, where, 10,000 non-residents and 6,000 dead people voted in this election. This was one of those states where thousands of unrequested ‘mail-in’ ballots were sent to inactive, out-of-state, and even dead voters. Massive fraud was inevitable. 

In Traverse City, Michigan, one postal worker reported that the mail sorters in his facility were ordered to pre-date thousands of mail-in ballots so they could be counted, even though that were received on November 4th, the day after the election and therefore, in Michigan, too late to count. 

And in Detroit Michigan, an election supervisor ordered: “All the Republican challengers out of this room!  And the windows looking into the ballot counting room were papered over to conceal what was going on inside. 

Also in Detroit, on the night of November 4, ballot counters were getting ready to go home after working all evening. But as one observer reported, just as they were about to shut down, “a white van, a Chrysler 300, and a Ferarri drove up to the center bringing with them over 130,000 more ballots. An observer later posted on Facebook Live, “Every single ballot, literally 100 percent of 130,000 ballots, were all Biden ballots that hadn’t been delivered to the precinct before the cut-off time . . . . [but] poll challengers have been barred from being able to go into this room to challenge ballots. We’ve had GOP members removed from the room.” 

She went on to say “It’s really heartbreaking that this is what we have stooped to and allowed as a country,” she said. “It is disgusting what is happening in Detroit. . . . It’s about major fraud on a major scale… that was very well organized”.

In Milwaukee’s Voting Ward 326, 125 percent of registered voters turned out. Nothing suspicious here. 

And in Philadelphia, on election day, Republican observers were prevented from watching the vote counting. They appealed to the Appellate Court, which ordered that they must be allowed to observe the ballot counting process and that they could stand as close as six feet from the counting tables. But Republican observers were still barred from entering”, despite the appellate court order. In fact, the spokeswoman for the ballot-counting room said simply, “I do not accept this order”.  The arrogance of the Democrats who defied court orders in order to protect their illegal activities is mind-boggling. 

One of the most outrageous aspects of this election cycle is that the dirty tricks of the Democrats have the full support of the mainstream media, who fail to report the lies and crimes committed almost daily by the left, but pile abuse on the Republican President and his supporters.

Even Fox News, long a champion of Trump, now calls his accusations of voter fraud “unsubstantiated”, even though the evidence of voter fraud is overwhelming.  

This is what our country has come to. The national elections of 2020 will no doubt go down as the most corrupt election in American history, and a disgrace of huge proportions. The historical perception of what has happened to this country will have a major impact on the direction that this country will go no matter how it ends. The level of corruption on the part of the Democrats should be an outrage to every American, but too far too many, it will be instead, an outrage against the President for fighting back against the corruption. 

The only hope for America right now is that the legal challenges to the corrupted process will prevail. And the good news is that the Trump Team is not giving up. So the legal challenges will continue. But the Democrat machine has been preparing for this for a long time and they were ready to win this election at all cost.

What it may have cost is the soul of America.