Our cute human minds have a hard time with things like Universal Laws. What ends up happening with the majority of people, is they take something that is a law-like gravity and try to squish it down to attempt to have it make sense in our itty bitty understanding. But, we can never really understand gravity with our limited logical mind; that side of the brain that likes to understand everything in a linear way, cannot break down multifaceted concepts that go beyond logic.

The universal law most attributed to manifesting, made famous by the Movie ‘The Secret’, is called the Law of Attraction. Something like the law of attraction, albeit a woo woo universal law, we are dealing with a phenomenon our logical mind cannot fully understand. But, just like gravity is doing its thing with or without our understanding, so are these universal or metaphysical laws.

The point of the Law of Attraction is to beef up the juice on getting what we want and desire in life. However, with all this effort and trying, many people have found it doesn’t work for them, or have given up trying.

I’d like to propose a solution. Consider magnetizing, not manifesting.

Manifesting 101:

  • What you focus on expands.
  • Your thoughts, feelings, mood, dominant beliefs, words and actions co-create with the Law of Attraction.
  • Vision boards, and affirmations, are meant to empower your FOCUS, so you can direct your energy according to your authentic desires. Doing them once, then forgetting about them entirely doesn’t necessarily work for most people.
  • The Law of Attraction is neutral. It’s not Santa Claus. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a naughty boy or a bad girl, you could be Trump or Mother Theresa, and the concepts work the same.

Misunderstands of Manifestation that are Messing with People:

  • Patience. Few people have the patience and flexibility to let the universal laws play out. We can shout at a tree to grow, or make a vision board with a bunch of grown trees, but it needs to take its own course, based on the intelligence within it, not on your disconnected timeline.
  • No negative thoughts … or else! People think negative thoughts or feelings will mess up their lives.
  • People get scared and self-judgemental about the process. “Am I doing it right?” Is a constant question. Instead of feeling relief, and more confident, many people feel more on edge and constantly questioning.
  • If it doesn’t work, that must mean you are broken, a loser and should just give up.
  • If your desire isn’t really aligned with your true nature, The Universe will try to let you know with internal or external cues or block the manifestation entirely. Very few people realize this is happening on their behalf, not because they did something right or wrong. Again, the Law of Attraction is neutral.

Why Magnetizing Then?

  It was how you were created. You think you need to work so hard to prove yourself, to get what you want, and fight for your birthright. When, you were already created with everything within you, including where you were born, your parents, your lineage, your geography, your education, your height… all of it was designed on purpose.

  • You are aligned with Nature and the Laws of the Universe when you know your are enough. Assume you are enough. Assume you are on purpose.
  • You RADIATE you and that activates your magent. You emanate your being, and that which is aligned comes. Easy peezy.
  • If your thoughts tend to ruminate on how sucky you are and stressfully micromanaging all your thoughts and actions like a neurotic hawk in order to “get it right,” you end up diluting or downright interfering with your natural magnetizing power. Your being is all you need. It is simple, but re-aligning takes some initial education and work to re-align to the natural laws working with you, for you.
  • By BEing yourself, you naturally participate with life. You follow intuitive nudges, you pay attention, you participate with creation itself. Things like synchronicities start to become everyday occurrences, your thoughts gain more and more clarity, life becomes simple because you are not racing around trying to figure it out, you listen, you align, you act, you BE, you magnetize. Rinse and repeat.

All your need ‘to do’ is BE You.

When you turn up your BEing- feel good, feel enough, manage un-aligned thoughts, navigate your emotions, do what lights you up naturally because it IS you- you burn off the gunk in the way of the Law of Attraction: You basically burn off the debris of shoddy thinking by turning up the light of who you really are.

Here’s my program that teaches this if this sounds like something you want to learn for yourself: bit.ly/youarethemanual

Jenna Gems to Remember:

  • Everything I need to succeed is in ME…it is ME. I just need to let it do its thing.
  • I am part of Nature, therefore, I am supported in every way to do what I was born to do.
  • Success does not mean being famous or getting a bunch of attention or stuff per se, success is living aligned with the truth of your BEing, your nature. From a cedar tree seed to a lion embryo, you were born with all the raw material, intelligence and potential to be who you were created to be.
  • Receiving is KEY. Stop over doing, allow some ebb with your flow, some inhale with your exhale. Again, why not align with Universal laws and the power of Nature? And by doing so, TRUST it is working, just like gravity.
  • If you want to do it all alone, struggle, feel not good enough, strive, try, and over-do…go nuts. The universe will just continue to let you do that until you crack open and decide to receive and be the natural magnet to the life that is on the other side of you doing all the doing and micromanaging everything alone. It sucks to live that way, but you get to choose.
  • You didn’t come here to figure it all out, let the laws of Nature and the Universe work for you. Let yourself receive that help, that ease, that love. Nature loves you, creation created you on purpose, let that in. Receive, Receive, Receive. You got this. You are this.

To learn more about how to do this yourself, check out bit.ly/youarethemanual

To see my YouTube video explaining these concepts go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHrlvN-qAIQ