What is this “great reset” we’ve been hearing about? Is it anything new? Some new horror “they” are about to unleash on us, perhaps? Not at all. It is the same old communist mantra of “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs”. The only new thing is that the “catch” is beginning to be more obvious, the “too good to be true” aspect of this deal is finally coming to the forefront. After all, the idea of contributing to the best of my abilities and in return getting all my needs covered sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? I may work as a car mechanic, but I feel that my abilities make me suitable to be the garage owner. And the forty-five grand a year that I make, well, that doesn’t come close to meeting my needs, which may include quarterly vacations to island destinations. 

All true, but the old-world communists “forgot” to mention one little detail when they promoted their utopian vision for mankind. As it turns out, neither your abilities nor your needs are determined by you. No, your input into these matters is neither welcome nor needed beyond your participation in an endless array of standardized tests and involuntary evaluations, which, when coupled with other criteria such as your socioeconomic status, your skin color, your location, and most importantly, your social desirability index provide your masters with everything they wish to know about you. 

And your needs? Well, they too, will be evaluated by others without input from you, and, needless to say, they will be closely related to your “abilities”. The needs of the Soviet senior deep staters known as the “nomenklatura” included hunting estates, summer dachas, access to special shops stuffed with luxury goods, and soaking with naked ladies. My parents, both engineers, had no such needs. We “needed”, a small two-bedroom apartment, and whatever the grocery store had to sell on a given day, which, most of the time, was exactly nothing.

Perhaps you would be surprised to hear that a beta version of this communist paradise has been running in America for more than half a century now and boy will you be amazed to learn who had brought it here.

As it turns out, the system of needs-abilities evaluation by a committee of your betters had been brought to America by none others than yes, that paragon of capitalism the Corporation. Of course, being much more sophisticated marketers than Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the American corporations gave their system a slightly better sounding name. They called it the “credit score”. 

If you have a social security number, even a stolen one, you have a credit score, and that credit score determines both your abilities and your needs. If you are so lucky as to have a high credit score, you have demonstrated your ability in the one thing that really counts: accruing and servicing debt. In return for demonstrating this high level of ability, your needs are assessed to be higher as well, and you can get access to yet more debt with which to buy real estate, cars, furniture, vacations, etc. Should you commit the capital sins of either staying away from debt entirely or accruing debt that you are incapable of servicing, your lower ability level will be punished by a reassessment, downwards, of your so-called “needs”. It will then be determined that you do not really need to rent that apartment or buy that car so that you could commute to your job. In fact, you may not even get a job, since many employers nowadays check your credit score before issuing that offer letter. Pretty soon, it will be determined by the powers that be that you are neither capable nor in need of anything at all. At that point, you might as well not exist because your worth as a unit of consumption on one hand and as a unit of production on the other will have been adjudicated to be below the acceptable threshold. 

This communist system of denying the individual human beings their unalienable rights as the possessors of immortal souls given to them by the Creator and looking at them as nothing more than an interchangeable unit of consumption and production is EQUALLY the creation of the twin “isms” of the industrial revolution; the EQUALLY evil twins of communism and capitalism. The Russian Empire was destroyed by communism; the American Republic was destroyed by capitalism.

The only thing that is new now, the only “reset” that is happening as I write these lines, is that the twin “isms” are merging into one, even more pervasively evil “ism”: progressive globalism. Globalism is eviler than simply the sum of its evil parts because it gives birth to two innovations: standardization and social engineering. Both Russian communism and American capitalism sought to expand their domains simply because the only thing that is really important to both these systems is the sheer number of units, otherwise known as people, under their control. This struggle became known as the Cold War and it gave us anything but cold wars in Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Angola, the Middle East, and many other places. Today, under the leadership of the resurgent Chinese Empire, the twin “isms” of the apocalypse have decided, in true capitalist fashion, that competition is bad for business and they would do much better if they joined forces and subjugated the entire human race under the header of progressive globalism. 

Capitalism and communism, as it turns out, have much to learn from each other. The capitalist corporate structure taught the Chinese communists the value of standardizing corporate processes and of good public relations. The Chinese communists taught the American capitalists that money alone, that is to say, the debt to asset ratio, was far from the only standard by which human units can and should be scored. Of equal importance are “social” metrics, such as the ability and willingness to produce the required number of offspring, unquestioning acceptance of cultural dogma (no matter how odious), relinquishing of all religious beliefs, and openness to government propaganda. 

The stolen election of 2020 if, as it would seem now, it is allowed to stand, will transition America (and the rest of the West with it, though on varying timetables) from capitalist totalitarianism by Big Business to the harsher totalitarianism of progressive globalism by deep state oligarchy.

What it will mean in practice, is the destruction of small and medium-sized businesses, de-facto nationalization of all farmland (shades of the USSR circa 1931), confiscation of firearms, and the creation of a rigid four-tier class system. 

At the top, there will be the “nomenklatura” consisting of the billionaire class plus established deep-staters like the Clintons, the Bushes, and the Obamas. Below them, there will be a professional class of scientists, lawyers, doctors, and engineers. Further down will be the fully interchangeable units of consumption and production; various cubicle dwellers, robot babysitters, etc. Finally, there will be the “below the threshold” underclass made up of those who currently have lousy credit scores, small-time criminals, rugged individualists who live off the grid, etc.

It is worth remembering that the most seemingly invincible totalitarian systems have always had pushback from liberty-loving human nature, that human soul that He had given us. Even in the darkest hours, there are ways of keeping one’s humanity, of resisting, even if, perhaps especially if, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. 

Many Americans, yet misguidedly believe in the power of the “free market”, failing to see that it is precisely the free market that has enslaved them. They believe that if they “spend their hard-earned dollars” wisely, they will force corporations to correct their “woke” ways. Nothing could be more delusional and nothing could fly harder in the face of self-evident reality. Fox News is making a U-turn to the progressive globalist side despite being fully aware that it is costing them viewership in the short term. They don’t care because money is not important to them. Costco will never drop its mask-wearing policy in Florida and keep it in Massachusetts, no matter how many Floridians may choose to stop shopping there because it must maintain standardized corporate policies and even more so because it knows that all of its competitors will adopt similar policies, leaving consumers with no choice but to comply. 

If you wish to resist the globalist oligarchy, shopping right is not the answer. On the playing field of dollars, they got you beat. The answer lies, as it often does, in taking the fight from their home turf to ours, from the fiefdom of dollars and cents to the realm of ideas and tradition.

Forget about McMansions, three-car garages, and SUVs. Remember your churches, your national histories, your grand, and great-grandparents. If you want to spend your money, spend it on something that they cannot control like precious metals that you physically hold. Bitcoin is for suckers because they control the ones and zeroes and always will. 

Religion is not only and even not necessarily about belief in God. If you don’t believe, you can still find a sense of community and belonging in your church and you can honor the memory of your ancestors by repeating the same lines that they used to say all these decades and centuries ago. Have children and teach them yourselves as much as you can. Most importantly, teach them that their teachers are liars. Then point out and debunk the lies. 

Most importantly of all remember this: no human being alive today is your savior and no human being alive today is worthy of your worship. If you can remember this fact and live by it, you can still choose to be free.