The pointing of the finger, backstabbing and lying in government must stop!
Enough is enough!
Who are we to judge another man’s servant or his intentions?

America! Our country is in crisis.

We are faced with a war of our making. We have aborted out mission in favor of toxic news reports and mad media. Our children are watching as we continue this downward spiral.

Have you thought about the words coming out of your mouths into the ears of your children? They are listening closely as you berate the President and our leaders. They hear you when you speak evil of dignitaries and community leaders. Is this the legacy you wish to leave them?

The hatred for one party or person is the same sin in God’s eyes.
Evil is evil and regardless of who you voted for; God requires us to hold to a higher standards of being.
We have voluntarily fed our souls toxicity. 

Along with our colleagues we wait to wade through the inundation of racism and racial reform.

Headlines, Breaking News and Tweets of Mass Destruction captivate our attention. We are lead as sheep to the slaughter.

What will it take to bring America to her knees again? We had a”911” and for a brief moment we forgot our affiliation, race and denominations. It is my prayer we never have to go through what we went through that day to pause and reflect on values, issues and morals.

I believe the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only answer.

The Bible teaches us that Faith comes through hearing and hearing through the Word of God. We are limited as human beings to solve our own problems. God knew we would need a Savior that is why He sent Jesus.

The life you are living today is because God loves you. Every good and perfect gift has come from God through His Son. All of our righteousness is nothing, It is His righteousness that brings light into our lives.

America, it is time to turn with all of our hearts back to God with prayers, fastings and the study of His Word. It is time to repent and call on the Name of Jesus. Today’s teaching is a “Strong” and “Direct” making no excuse, type of message for everyone who has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. It is also a message for those who have not accepted Him, and think they can do “life”without Him.

Listen as I share “Detoxifying America.”