Remember Mel Brooks’ famous and hilarious movie SPACEBALLS? The Democrat Party and their parade of ridiculous actors they’ve thrown up, yes, it’s enough to make you do that too, on stage over the past several months, has been sadly similar. From Pocahontas with a Pinocchio nose, to Little Pete, who thought the nation was ready for a “First Gentleman” in the Whitehouse. It’s a satire that not even the great Mel Brooks could’ve dreamed up for a screenplay, and then there were three, Moe, Larry and Curly.

Three knuckleheads to choose from to possibly run this country, in their dreams anyway. One, who looks like he’s ready for a straitjacket and the other, who’s starting to drool while sitting complacent. Along with poor mini-Mike who was exiled just because he couldn’t see over the podium. Leaving the Dems with Crazy Uncle Bernie……. can’t you just feel the buuuurrrrn?!

Yeah, the burn from all your money going up in flames as you pay for everyone else’s medical care and college tuition. The other, Creepy Uncle Joe. Nothing like having a lecherous, bumbling, old crook running the government, right? 

How would you like to be a Democrat supporter these days, faced with the prospect of voting for Sanders or Biden? The Dems are looking at Sanders the socialist, communist, progressive, or Biden, who is there simply because they need someone to prop up against Uncle Bernie. What a choice. Hasn’t it been fun watching all the Democrat talking heads trying to justify the Biden candidacy?

Joe Biden right now couldn’t win an election in an assisted living residence for social director. Yet here he is running for president, after 40 years in Washington without one single legislative accomplishment.

If Sanders were to win, by the time he gets done revolutionizing America, we would all be ready to move to Venezuela. The other option is not much better. If sleepy Joe and the establishment were able to pull it off, all we would get is an Obama redo. Can’t you just picture Biden sitting across the table from Chinese president Xi Jinping, and doing the head bob while drooling on his spiffy Trump tie? Xi signs the new agreement with a wry smile, knowing Biden just handed China back all the gains that the Trump administration had made. 

Sanders record for incompetence is almost as good, but at least Uncle Bernie will be able to make Cuba an attractive vacation spot for future socialists. Think of how exciting it will be to see AOC in the position of Secretary of State. This evil little creature would most definitely have a prominent place in crazy Uncle Bernie’s cabinet. 

As we sit here and enjoy the lunacy, let’s look back at what the Democrats have accomplished since 1960.

Johnson implemented his grand society. He was also responsible for the eventual destruction of the American educational system. In 1996 President Clinton mercifully put an end to the plan because it was such an abject failure. Next, the escalation of the Vietnam War, where we lost over 50,000 brave soldiers. What did we get in return? Absolutely nothing. Jimmy Carter and the gasoline lines, our hostages in Iran, and the overall economic malaise that lasted until Ronald Reagan saved the United States, just as Trump is doing. Clinton raping women and causing an intern to make a mess of her dress, humiliating America. And the first African American Muslim to become president.

That’s just a few of their accomplishments, and now they are back for more of the same. Will America give it to them?

Are we that far into self-flagellation that we would allow them to win again? Tune in this November. Then we better start figuring out what needs to be done in 2024 when Trump’s second term ends. 

Perhaps Hunter Biden will run for president.

After all, moral character and scruples have little value in the new God-less Democrat Socialist world.