Carrie Gress compared some of the elite women in our culture to Our Lady, the Mother of Christ who National Geographic described as “the most powerful woman in the world”. These women were outstanding in their fields of journalism, politics, fashion, and Hollywood, but yet they resembled so little of Mother Mary. The question remained: why?

She presents a strong case that when Christians cut Mother Mary out—ignored her important role in world history bearing the unique gifts of motherhood and purity, it left our culture wide open for radical feminism. This is exactly what has happened by way of Marxism, the occult and the conduit was the second-wave feminism spreading lies and misconceptions. Satan knows that if he can get to the woman and perverse her gifts of purity and motherhood, he has victory over the culture. Women have the innate desire to be known and loved, to do good and to be beautiful. The lies of radical feminism have distorted all of these leaving empty shells of the little innocent girls they once were.

Now, feminists strive for power, control and an odd description of “equality”. They think they are doing good when teaching the younger generation that killing babies is a good thing. Abortion is simply a “choice” and “reproductive freedom”. Instead of being drawn to what is beautiful, toxic feminists promote vulgarity, profanity, and sexual hedonism.

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Carrie Gress has a doctorate in philosophy from the Catholic University of America. She is the editor at the Catholic Women’s online magazine Theology of the Home. She is the author of several books including The Anti-Mary Exposed and the forthcoming Theology of the Home. Having studied for over two years on the history of the occult, Marxism, philosophy and feminism, Carrie is a leading expert on not only the history of what went wrong, but also how to solve the problem of radical feminism and draw people back to authentic love, beauty, goodness and truth.

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