May 17, 2021

May 17, 2021

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The Democrats’ Secret Battlefield Trained Insurgents

by | Jul 9, 2020 |

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Antifa has recently drawn the world’s attention towards itself as President Trump announced in early June that the group was guilty of much of the on-going chaos in the United States, to also include that of Black Lives Matter (BLM). We all know initially that the protests in the streets of several American cities had been triggered by the death of George Floyd. But almost a week after the civil unrest in the streets of Minneapolis, and the chaos has spread and continues to rage throughout numerous American cities, towns, and local municipalities. It ramped up to looting, burning infrastructure, the defacing, tearing down and destruction of historical and non-historical statues and monuments across America.
As U.S. cities burn, the President pointed a finger at Antifa⏤holding the Antifa movement responsible for the instability, unrest, and destruction across the country⏤Trump made public his intention of formally declaring the organization a terrorist group. 
Some in the media had raised the question; how could the President label and declare a rag-tag group of bottle throwing, trash throwing, disorganized group of rambunctious crybaby misfits from their parent’s basements as a terrorist organization, on par with the likes of Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, or ISIS?! Before anyone knee-jerks or overreacts to such a call and determination by the President and the Justice Department, let’s understand who and what Antifa is.
As you can expect, legal experts on the political-left immediately threw cold water on the position and argue that there is no means by which any domestic entity can be designated a terrorist organization. Likewise, and more importantly, there will be some so-called experts who will also say that there is no actual Antifa organization for President Trump to define in this way. Put simply, they will claim that Antifa does not really exist as a distinct entity or organization. At the same time, others will argue that Antifa is a useful umbrella term that denotes a broad spectrum of groups and individuals of far-left or anarchist tendencies.
The term itself means simply anti-fascist, but that too is a rouse.
In fact, Mark Bray, a historian and the author of Antifa: “The Antifascist Handbook,” states that Antifa is a loose-knit movement of “decentralized revolutionary self-defense” opposed to the far right. Antifa conspiracy theories are common amongst politicians, the media, and even left-wing activists. And as Bray has also said: “The right describes Antifa as a unitary organization with leaders and even secret funding from George Soros, along with other wealthy leftists.” Bray claims that that is simply not true.
So, why do they state and make these claims? 
The answer is, “deflection, distraction, and deception.” The fact is, particularly those points about Antifa being a “loose movement of “decentralized revolutionary organization” – that is pure deception. Why? To justify their argument and claim that is a loose-knit organization as means to counter U.S. government efforts to designate and label it a terrorist organization. 
Then there is the funding aspect. And the facts about funding are this. Yes, they are well funded by the likes of George Soros, as well as other private entities, and corporate financiers. But there is more, and a key and surprising entity that I will address later.
Which brings me to the real truth. Let me make this extremely and abundantly clear, and it is this, the “real Antifa” is a radical violent extremist Marxist-Communist organization. Bottom line, they are anti-capitalists, and they hate America, and everything about it!
Secondly, and like those that countered the Nazi’s of WWII-era Germany, the Washington Post attempted to describe Antifa as the moral equivalent against modern neo-Nazis⏤meaning they are against Nazis and fascists. While Antifa uses the term and state that they are anti-fascist, that is a rouse and actually irrelevant. It is in fact deliberately and intentionally part of the deception⏤truth be told, they are Communists.  
Now for the ‘critical point’ that makes them different from the protections, support, and advocacy that the Democrats and the political far-left condone and the mainstream media justifies and is sympathetic to. Antifa, has considerable long-term ties to various international terrorist organizations, and most importantly they have had a presence in the Syrian Civil War as a violent radical extremist group, and in turn gained combat experience in Syria.

Over the course of at least the last 8 years, a number of elements of Antifa were intentionally trained in Syria in the Syrian Civil War. Again, and I can’t reiterate this enough, they gained invaluable combat experience during and under the Obama administration. Why? The reason being, they went to Syria as part of numerous foreign fighter elements for that purpose. They were sent to Syria so elements of their organization could gain the necessary real-life battlefield and operational combat training and experience. Why you might ask? In order for them to be able come back to the U.S., and to be ready potentially in the future, to conduct violent extremist type “irregular and urban warfare, and guerrilla warfare” operations in the streets of the U.S. 
It’s important to note that not all of Antifa foot soldiers are the sissified cowards who many believe live in their parent’s basements playing “Call of Duty Black Ops” on X-Box – part of this group are in fact combat proven.
The third critical point, and perhaps the most import point to understand is that they essentially were directed and ordered to fight with the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG) and the Kurdish Worker’s Party (PKK), who are Marxist Communists (following Marxist ideology) and a faction of Syrian insurgents. It should be known that this faction had been vetted specifically and selected by Hillary Clinton’s State Department to be the U.S. Government-funded rebel group in Syria. For background, the YPG was one of a total of roughly 32-rebel factions in Syria selected by the Obama administration, as the rebel faction to support. Another, critical note is that U.S. Special Forces which were tasked to vet and train the YPG, warned the Obama Pentagon and CIA not to support the YPG. Of course, that recommendation was overruled by senior Obama national security officials.

Antifa widely shares the same ideological ideas and fundamental philosophy as the YPG, in its effort to achieve its ultimate goals in the U.S. to assist and facilitate fundamental (political) change in America as both Obama and the Democrat Party have continued to talk about.

The YPG was also the targeted by the Obama administration (again, the Clinton State Department and both Leon Panetta’s and John Brennan’s CIA) to be the recipients of arms smuggled out of Libya. The result of which turned out to be the precursor for the Benghazi attack on our consulate in which at least four Americans were killed in the attack.
In addition, and this is key, the Obama administration funded the YPG and earmarked portions of future defense budgets to the funding of the YPG into the early years of the Trump administration. While, little has been talked about or said about this, much was handled via covert programs within the CIA under the Obama administration. Most recently, Sidney Powell, General Mike Flynn’s attorney make the claim that Obama CIA Director Brennan targeted Flynn because he called Brennan out saying he had plans to conduct an audit of Brennan’s CIA for keeping $2 billion dollars funds off the books. Many, like myself, believe much of this had to do with the Benghazi ops, Syria rebel group funding, which included funds for the YPG, and a slush fund to facilitate and support Antifa logistics in Syria.
You may recall last year, the upheaval over the funding of the YPG Kurdish rebel group in Syria that President Trump refused to support and received much criticism and outrage over claims the he abandoned the Kurds. The rest of the story is part of which is because, again, they, the YPG are Marxist-Communists. 
The Antifa movement and ideology not only coincides with and ideologically parallels with YPG/PKK terrorist formations, but historian Mark Bray in his book provides essential insights in this regard. According to it, both groups share a notion of libertarian municipalism and “Democratic Confederalism.” Meaning, conceptually, both groups, share a similar ideological understanding of a leftist cause in a form of horizontal collective working aimed at defending and delivering social revolution. Certainly, this could mean inciting insurgency or civil war in America?

Unfortunately, that aspect was lost in the weeds of the mainstream media. President Trump’s decision created a shitstorm with the Democrats and even some naïve and ignorant Republicans, and of course the media. The President, rightly so, said he was not going to have our troops die in combat for their cause, of which was Marxism.

With the revelation of the relatively strong links between the terror groups under the pretext of fighting against the Islamic State or ISIS in Syria, their ideological commonalities, and the use of similar methods and tactics to create violence and terror on the streets of America in an effort to support their ultimate political goals. Perhaps we are witnessing some of this as it begins to come to light.
President Trump’s designating Antifa as a terrorist organization amid protests raised questions over affiliated terror groups is a critical step that must be taken. As protesters took to the streets in the U.S., a striking statement came from the President on May 31st, when he tweeted that the U.S. would designate the radical-leftist militant, so-called Antifa, as a terrorist organization. “This is an Antifa Organization,” he said, accusing the group of orchestrating violence in the country, as peaceful protests turned violent with fires and lootings. 
National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien echoed Trump’s comments, saying the violence “is being driven by ‘Antifa.’”
U.S. Attorney General William Barr also blamed Antifa activists for hijacking peaceful protests after George Floyd’s death, saying, “The violence instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly.”  Going on to say, “violent radical elements” are hijacking legitimate protests to “pursue their own separate, violent, and extremist agenda.”

Starting in 2012 elements (U.S. and foreign/European) of the Antifa organization first arrived in Syria to engage in the Syria Civil War. The Antifa elements formed into what became known as the International Freedom Battalion (IFB). The battalion served under a Joint and affiliation with the YPG/PKK Kurdish under the umbrella group create by the SDF (Syrian Democrat Forces). SDF was established during the Obama administration, by way of Hillary Clinton’s State Department to receive funding to fight ISIS, and ultimately, albeit secretly, to support regime change in Syria under the utilizing the YPG at least since 2012. During that initial period, the first Antifa elements joined with the YPG as early as February 2012, likely funded by covert support under the Obama administration. The group affiliated with and fought alongside YPG terrorist formations. Turkey reported that over that period that it had neutralized several Antifa elements in Syria during a number of cross-border operations; Operation Euphrates Shield, Olive Branch, and Peace Spring, between 2013 and early 2017.
Ironically, as a result of Antifa foreign conflict, the United States maybe about to declare Antifa a domestic terrorist organization, despite the fact that the U.S. had been providing military and financial support to the group’s close ally, YPG/PKK, as well as Antifa foreign ops in Syria for years.
Since then, all eyes are on President Trump’s intentions for the U.S. to designate Antifa a terrorist organization. Adding further justification, a 2018 Congressional Research Center (CRS) report attests to Antifa’s crimes described the Marxist group, “consisting of radical, like-minded groups and individuals” stressing that the Antifa movement and its members as willing to commit violent crimes to promote their beliefs.
U.S. intelligence has known of Antifa in Syria, aka the IFB, or the Antifa Platoon. According to reporting, since at least 2016, FBI counterterrorism experts have been increasingly concerned about violence perpetrated by Antifa supporters at public rallies where they confront their ideological opponents. The IFB was established in Syria as part of the YPG/PKK in 2016. 
Both the Justice Department and the FBI have been researching and investigating Antifa leaders and followers suspected of criminal activity as domestic terrorists, thus categorizing them as a type of violent anarchist extremist. Radical violent extremist groups evolve and increase their capabilities to fulfill their organizational goals and intentions.
The FBI and Justice Department have opened counterterrorism investigations into members committing crimes in the name of Antifa. Reporting notes that violence in the U.S. by Antifa is not new, with violent actions in 2017 in Portland, Oregon, and Charlottesville, Virginia.
What makes Antifa a potential threat and naming of it as a terrorist organization are its ideological similarities to both the YPG/PKK and its association and affiliation to other branches and units in Syria. Again, the YPG and PKK both terrorist organizations which have been engaged in a terror campaign against Turkey for over 40-years, and listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the U.S., the European Union, and NATO provides validation. The organization has been responsible for the deaths of 40,000 people, including women and children in Turkey and the region.
Antifa joined and integrated with the YPG/PKK under the pretext of fighting ISIS in Syria. The YPG/PKK is responsible for Antifa’s training and militarization. A remote compound known as the ‘Academy,’ a former oil facility turned into a training camp, is where volunteers from the U.S. and Europe received their training to fight alongside the YPG/PKK. Fighting along with YPG/PKK became alluring for many Antifa-affiliated Western citizens akin to the ideas of those on the far-left seeking real-world war training and experience, including Communists, Socialists, and anarchists.
For years there have been concerns over the reports on the international stage that Antifa elements affiliation and joint operations with the YPG/PKK terrorist groups in Syria is concerning by many in the U.S. national security community. The fact that the YPG/PKK had been receiving significant training and aid under the pretext of fighting ISIS by the Obama administration is even more perplexing and deserves even more scrutiny and investigation.
Hundreds of civilians from Western nations have volunteered to fight among the ranks of the YPG in Syria to fight ISIS, while a radicalized few to include Antifa even joined with ISIS units in Syria and Iraq. Many Westerners inclined to the ideas of the radical left, joined the terrorist organization attracted by their talk of building an independent state in Syria, hence the Obama, Clinton covert/ clandestine idea of and in the name of “regime change.”
All these indicate strong similarities between the ideologies of the YPG/PKK and Antifa. Turkey, a country that has been fighting terrorism for years, has frequently warned the U.S. against its support of the YPG/PKK, saying that it could backfire. 
Now, these former Antifa combatants who are American citizens, who hate America, despise the Flag, and mock the Constitution are ready, willing, and able to tear down America by bringing their training and combat experience to be used against you and me.


Jim Waurishuk is a retired USAF Colonel, serving nearly 30-years as a career senior intelligence and political-military affairs officer and special mission intelligence officer with expertise in strategic intelligence, international strategic studies and policy, and asymmetric warfare. He served as a special mission intelligence officer assigned to multiple Joint Special Operations units and with the CIA’s Asymmetric Warfare Task Force and international and foreign advisory positions. He served as Deputy Director for Intelligence for U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) during the peak years of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Global War on Terrorism.

Waurishuk is a former White House National Security Council staffer and a former Distinguished Senior Fellow with the Atlantic Council, Washington, D.C. He served as a senior advisor to the Commander U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and served as Vice President of the Special Ops-OPSEC.

Currently, he is the Chairman of the Hillsborough County (FL) Republican Executive Committee and Party and serves on the Executive Board of the Republican Party of Florida.

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Crystal Yarbrough
Crystal Yarbrough
9 months ago

Thank you for this work.

9 months ago

“The term itself means simply anti-fascist, but that too is a rouse.”
Please change “rouse” to “ruse”. Thanks!

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