The Democrats lost three huge battles this week, and as they lick their wounds and try to figure out what to do next, the President is already off and running with the advantage he has gained.

The second half of Trump’s four year term is not likely to be much like the first. The cloud he has been under, because of the Democrats’ obsession with the Russia collusion hoax, is now gone. The impediments that they put in his path to block his plan to build a barrier on the southern border are also gone. The vote that they took to block his national emergency executive order was lost because they could not raise enough votes to override his veto.

The President now has a clear path to build the barrier, which was the pillar of his 2016 campaign for the White House, and the first billion dollars has already been transferred from the Department of Defense for that purpose. He will finally, despite resistance from the Democrats and even members of his own party, get to “Build That Wall”.

Rather than accepting defeat and moving on, the Democrats seem to be doing what they do best, forgetting the needs of the American people and doubling down on their mission to defeat this President. 

Although the next two years are not going to be clear sailing for Trump, he is going to be a much more difficult target and he is now on a roll. Because it looks like his recent wins have given him strength and he is likely to be much more aggressive in using his new wins to change the playing field for his other programs as well.

For example, in the face of Democrats’ support for the anti-Semitic comments of freshman Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, Trump doubled down on his support for Israel and signed a proclamation that recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. This is something no other country in the world has done, although Israel took the Golan Heights in a defensive war 52 years ago, in 1967. Will other countries follow his lead? My guess is ‘yes’, but we’ll see.

In the mean time, the Democrats are now fuming over his successful check mate to their plans to first find him guilty of collusion and then to his finding a path to “building the wall” on the southern border. They are still searching desperately for something to find him guilty of, and, hopefully, something that will give them grounds to being the impeachment process.

But in a third win for Trump, the 5th Circuit Court upheld a federal judge’s ruling that Obamacare is unconstitutional. “The Department of Justice has determined that the district court’s judgment should be affirmed.” In December, the U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor of Texas found that the individual mandate portion of Obamacare was unconstitutional and that the rest of the law was also be void.

With these three big wins coming so close together, the President now has the momentum he needs to move some of his major programs forward.

The Republicans must change the path of resistance that has blocked the President over the past two years, and stand firmly behind him to support his agenda. Their mandate for the next two years, will be to develop at least two serious new programs, including a comprehensive healthcare program to replace Obamacare, and an immigration reform program that will fall in line with the new dynamics that the southern security border will create.

If the Republicans in Congress get it right and put their full support behind their President, then their chances of retaking the House in 2020 and solidifying their majority in the Senate will be assured.

The majority of American voters stand firmly behind the President, and that number is growing. The prospects for another four years with President Trump at the helm are looking very good.  Image: Charlotte Cuthbertson