With Apologies to Mr. Rod Serling.

Imagine if you will a place unlike any other. A place where from all appearances people seem to be totally normal, rational thinking human beings on the outside. People who look as if they are fully in control of all of their faculties, yet who suddenly and without warning erupt into fits of rage or anguish on a moment’s notice. A place where logic, commonsense, and honesty simply do not exist. A place where one’s hair suddenly bursts into flames and their heads explode on a daily basis.

You have entered the ‘Democrat Zone’.

Our story takes us first to the State of New York. Like any other state, a place full of hard-working people who simply look for the opportunity to provide for their loved ones, to hopefully prosper, and to participate in the American dream.

With De Blasio, Gillibrand, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, and now erstwhile candidate for Governor Cynthia Nixon, all right out of central casting if one were selecting for an episode of the Twilight Zone. Hillary Clinton, the most dishonest and corrupt politician in history to ever run for the highest office in the land certainly takes top billing.

For many in the Democrat Zone the new battle cry as voiced by Cynthia Nixon has become the abolishment of ICE, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. The very federal agency responsible for enforcing our nation’s immigration laws, protecting us from terrorists entering our country, and helping to protect innocent children from being victims of human trafficking.

You see, in the Democrat Zone they view all illegal aliens as potentially new Democrat voters. Welcoming them into the Democrat Zone with open arms, as well as with open borders and open government coffers. Simply ply them with free handouts and welfare, and do to them what the Democrats have done to the black community for decades. Make them totally dependent on the federal government for their very survival.

Our next stop in our travels through the ‘Democrat Zone’ is California. Perhaps soon to be three states in the Democrat Zone – Coastal California, Northern California, and Southern California. All three right now governed by one of the most bizarre occupants of the Democrat Zone, soon-to-be-retiring Governor Jerry Brown.

The only hope for California appears to be Republican businessman John Cox who is running against Gavin Newsom, the Democrat candidate to replace Governor Brown. Newsom makes Jerry Brown appear almost normal. Almost.

Navigating our way through all the twists and turns one finds within the Democrat Zone, we next find ourselves in Massachusetts where Senator Elizabeth ‘Squaw With High Cheek Bones Who Spreads Buffalo Chips’ Warren (her Indian name) continues to rage against President Trump.

The Bay State has long been a bastion of the Democrat Zone, giving us Warren, Barney Frank, and perhaps one of the most well-known inhabitants, former Senator Ted Kennedy. In a sense it’s fortunate that Senator Kennedy is no longer with us, as he has missed out on the #MeToo movement which he surely would have been a champion of, or perhaps ‘accused by’. Much like the former Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken. Another less-than-distinguished member of the Democrat Zone.

Unfortunately episodes of the Democrat Zone can be found all over the country. Barack Obama, the former ‘host’ of the Democrat Zone refuses to bring his series to an end, staying in Washington to continue his successful – the only success he achieved – effort to sow racial strife and dissension in the country.

Indeed, the Democrat Zone and all of its inhabitants would make for an entertaining program if it weren’t so destructive to our nation. Hopefully come November the American voter will send a clear message that the only place left for the Democrat Zone is to have their show cancelled, or in the ‘re-runs’. Yes, the ‘re-runs’ would seem fitting since that’s all they ever have to offer, the same tired message.